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11 Benefits of Oil Massage

Oil massage is always a good alternative of various medicines. Oil massage helps to keep you healthy and provides essential minerals which are required for your body. There are various kinds of oil messages available. Aromatherapy is the process of treatment which is used to present disease by the usage of essential oils. Aromatherapy is used to take care of the well being of the wellbeing of mind and body. There is also another name of oil massage process in Ayurveda that is Abhyanga. Abhyanga means application of oil on the body.

Oil massage produces benefit for body and mind. It is basically a therapeutic effect that is created on physique and mind. Oils have antidepressant, anti- ageing, anti cancer, anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral components. Oil massage works as therapy in healing and protecting you from diseases.

11 Benefits of Oil Massage

There are various kinds of oil which is effective for human bodies are:

  • Olive oil
  • Vitamin E oil/ Sunflower oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Lavender Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Peppermint Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Wheat germ Oil
  • Grape seed Oil
  • Apricot Oil
  • Carrier oil

The massage oils which are available in market can be combination of oils or can be in pure form.

As mentioned before massage oil works in various ways. Now let’s see how it works and its benefits on human body and mind: 11 Benefits of Oil Massage

  1. A hot oil massage helps to provide relief and it relaxes your body and mind.
  2. Oil massage also boosts joints and muscles and gives new life and energy.
  3. A good oil massage helps to rejuvenate skin and keeps it moisturized.
  4. Oil massage prevents your skin from ageing.
  5. A proper oil massage helps in proper blood circulation and also helps to release harmful toxins from your body.
  6. Oil massage for babies help to develop the bones and muscles and also regulates blood circulation.
  7. Oil massage is also very good for your scalp and hair. Hot oil massage is very effective for hair growth and nutrition. Oil massage helps to keep your scalp far from drying and dandruff.
  8. Oil massage helps to regulate brain cells and helps to make you feel stress free and helps your brain to work more.
  9. Oil massage before going to bed helps you to have a good sleep.
  10. Oil massage helps to calm down nerves and relief fatigue from your body.
  11. Oil massage is also good for face skin, it keeps it free from acne, pimple and helps to keep it wrinkle free and prevents it from drying.

It is very necessary to choice a good and effective oil combination for you. Oil massage is mostly effective before or after bath in the morning hours. If you can make oil massage an integral part of your daily routine it will really keep you stress free and will keep you energetic for longer period of time.

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