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11 Benefits of Yoga

Well friends I am with 11 Benefits of Yoga. We all know that yoga is very helpful in losing weight and improve health. Yoga strengthens our mind and body from inside as well as from outside in all ways. Physically yoga helps us to improve the strength and flexibility of our body and mentally it helps us to cope with stress and anxiety. Yoga has multiple benefits for our mind and body and here are a few of them.

11 Benefits of Yoga

11 Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga boosts emotional health of people. In fact, yoga could benefit those living with depression, schizophrenia, other psychiatric conditions, and sleep problems. Practicing yoga with others stimulates the production of oxytocin which results in feeling content and satisfied.
  • Yoga is also helpful in curing all kinds of joint pains and back pains. With regular practice of yoga even chronic back pain can be cured. The stretching exercises in yoga can improve the flexibility of our spine.
  • With regular practice of yoga the stress levels can significantly come down as yoga helps to get relief from stress and anxiety which in turn can result in a calm body and mind due to which the fertility level increases. By reduced stress levels the fertility increases as it allows the mother to be to relax.
  • Yoga is great if you are planning to lose weight. Many people have lost weight by practicing yoga. Yoga increases our metabolism and also our energy levels. Reduced weight will make you more energetic and positive about you. It will also boost your confidence.
  • Yoga can be extremely beneficial for your heart. It can help reducing blood pressure and other heart conditions. Hath yoga is believed to cure hypertension and stress levels, which are good for the health of our heart.
  • The pranayams of yoga can help those who suffer from asthma. They are basically breathing exercises which stimulate the flow of oxygen in our body. Those who are having moderate asthma can have various benefits by practicing yoga.
  • Yoga is also known to improve the strength of our joints and is thus helpful in curing joint diseases like arthritis. Iyenger yoga in which props are used can help people with rheumatoid arthritis. As people with arthritis feel comfortable with light movements, they can practice yoga asanas which are gentle and also Bikram yoga which is done in heated environment.
  • As yoga is a stress buster, it is needless to say that it helps us sleep better and cures insomnia. If you can’t sleep better then you can practice relaxing asanas such as uttanasana which boosts blood circulation and will make you calm so that you can sleep better.
  • Yoga can also help in improving our memory as it improves our concentration. Yoga has significant benefits on our mental health. Exercises such as meditation can improve concentration and make us calm which in turn will result in good memory.
  • As yoga increases our flexibility and inner strength it can also help us to maintain posture while sitting and standing as wrong postures can results in so many problems and can also cause pain in different parts of body. Yoga can improve our core strength which will give us strength from inside.
  • Last but not the least. Yoga stimulates positive energy in us so we are calm from inside and are happy and content. It reduces stress levels and makes us happy.

11 Benefits of Yoga

These were some of the benefits which I could think hope you find them useful.

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