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11 Best ways to stay Healthy

Health is wealth”- a common phrase which everybody believes. let me tell you 11 Best ways to stay Healthy. Life is God’s gift so we should learn to take care of it. It is prime duty of every human being to be health conscious. Staying healthy is a gradual process, it’s a practice. Staying healthy will save your expenditure of money on doctor and medicines.

Best ways to be healthy

Now-a-days in the hectic schedule and tension filled life one need to follow certain protocols to keep themselves away from disease and unhealthy issues. Here are some best measures and resolutions mentioned which one need to take to maintain a healthy life. And if these are followed one can be rest assured to have problem free and unhealthy life.

11 Best ways to stay Healthy

First to start with body:

  • Regular exercise is necessary. Body part acts like a mechanism so one need to keep all parts working properly otherwise it can get rust. Work out for half an hour. Go for brisk walk in the morning. It will keep both mind and body happy. Exercise can also include swimming, jogging, treadmill anything. Regular exercise will keep your health healthy and there will be proper blood circulation in your body.
  • A healthy diet is essential. Proper intake of vegetables, fruits, dairy products, egg, fish especially sea fishes which contains lot of minerals and vitamins, meat (red or white). Various foods contain various kinds of vitamins, protein, minerals which is mandatory for your body parts to work properly. White oil, olive oil is good for your health. Try to go for fatless food it will keep your body in proper shape.
  • Have right food at right time. Never try to skip your breakfast. Eat more in breakfast, less during lunch and lesser during dinner. As whatever we have for dinner body digests it slowly as we don’t work or exercise at night. It is not advisable to exercise at night. So it is best to follow these rules to stay healthy.
  • Erase all bad habits from your life which can be dangerous. Habit of heavy smoking, drinking and intake of other drugs are really harmful. It will never take you to any better hope. For working people and students fast food is though very delicious one need keep a check on it. Try to reduce it as much as possible.
  • Drink lots of water. Liquid is very essential for your body. Minimum 5 liters of water is better for human body. Though this is little tough but ones you start practicing it will just become a habit. First start targeting 3 liters then increase it to 5. Add fruit juice and soups to your regular diet this will also help to get water in your body.
  • Take proper sleep. Sleep is necessary for your body to act properly. Minimum eight hours of sleep is mandatory. It will help your metabolism, mind, brain and mood to work properly with more energy. If you don’t have proper sleep the best way of it is to read books before you sleep this will help you to get a tight sleep.
  • Maintain proper hygiene. Be neat and clean. Wash off your hands and feet while coming back from outside. Use sanitizers, hand wash to clean your hands before you eat anything.
  • Consult your family physician ones you start facing any health problem. Never ignore it otherwise it can be more serious later. So try to treat it in the very beginning stage. Health check up at times can be beneficial so it is advisable one can go for self checkup twice a year in the nearest health lab.

11 Best ways to stay Healthy

For staying physically healthy one need to be mentally happy and satisfied.

For remaining mentally healthy:

  • Go for fresh air, read good books, be positive minded. This will really help.
  • Stay out from stress. Keep yourself away from negativity. Try to celebrate every small moment. Remember what you got that you deserve you can make it better by working hard rather cursing yourself or thinking about it. Do your work and forget result will com e to you accordingly.
  • Sit for meditation for at least half an hour this will enrich human mind and body. The deep inhale and exhale process does proper blood circulation in human body which cures many diseases.
  • All live for their family and friends. So for that one needs to strengthen their relationship. For that spend time with family and friends. Share your feelings, thoughts with your nearest and dearest ones. Spend some time perusing your passion this will enrich your mental satisfaction. Be true to yourself and your relationships.

Changes are necessary in human life. So make necessary changes and maintain the consistency. Do not do it very often. Make these resolutions and follow it accordingly. Life will come out with lot of surprises for you.

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Indrani Banerjee
Indrani is born and brought up in West Bengal-the state which is enriched with culture. Her educational qualification consists of Masters in English and Masters in Human Resource. She loves to deal with people and keeps desire to do something remarkable as she believes that there are only two resources on the earth-one is environment and another is human that’s why career wise she works as an HR Generalist. Reading and writing on varied articles is one of her desired extra curriculum activity. She loves to talk, spend quality time with friends and family. She is quiet travel freak. Among her hobbies cooking will take a very important place. She loves to do embroidery and paintings. Rather than that she is from a cultural background so dancing and painting is also added in her extra curriculum activities. For her family is most important and she lives for them .And she also believes whatever she is today because of them. She believes in God. She always believes that:”Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”.

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