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11 Foods to Eat Everyday for Good Health

Foods we must eat that will keep us healthy and fit. In our everyday life we need to have food nutritious diet. A healthy diet is essential to support our regular needs. And this nutrition we can obtain from various kinds of fruits, vegetables and animal protein. So it is always better to have better balanced diet.

11 Foods to Eat Everyday for Good Health

Today we are going to discuss some good foods which we need to have everyday to be in good health.


Garlic is preferred to use every day. It has anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti viral properties. Garlic has anti oxidants which keeps your heart healthy. Garlic is good for stomach health. It has anti cancerous properties. Garlic reduces the chance of cancer.


Blue berries are rich in anti oxidants. Anti oxidants keeps bacteria away. Blue berries help to keep cancer away. It even protects your eyes. Blueberries help to enhance the memory and prevent memory loss. Blue berries help to prevent heart disease.


Broccoli helps in boosting the enzymes and helps in detoxifying. Sulfur compounds in Broccoli helps in preventing all types of cancer. Intake of broccoli on regular basis helps to prevent breast, lung, stomach, colon cancer.


Oats have soluble fibers which help to reduce cholesterol. Having regular oats help to keep your heart healthy.


Yogurt has probiotics, calcium. Regular intake of yogurt is very helpful. Yogurt helps to develop bone strength. Yogurt helps to fight harmful bacteria. Yogurt is beneficial for treating ulcer, urinary tract infection and irritable bowel movements.

Olive oil

Olive oil has monounsaturated fats. Olive oil helps to keep a healthy heart. Olive oil helps to reduce bad cholesterol level. Presence of phenol in olive oil helps to protect the artery walls. Daily usage of olive oil to cook food will keep you away from extra fat.


Flaxseed is effective in reducing the amount of estrogen which helps in preventing hormone related cancer. Flaxseeds help to get rid of acne and asthma. Flaxseeds are really essential for women.

Green Tea

Tea has huge amount of anti oxidants. Anti oxidants help to protect body against risks of cancer and other heart diseases. Tea helps to lower the bad cholesterol level.


Beans have soluble fiber. Fibers help to keep cholesterol level in control. Beans contains good amount of protein and protein is necessary for development of muscles and bones.


Cinnamon helps to improve blood sugar, controls diabetes. Cinnamon has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties. Cinnamon helps to prevent blood clots. Use cinnamon while cooking everyday help to maintain a good health.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are loaded with Calcium, Potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C. Sweet potatoes are filled with nutrition benefits. Sweet potatoes help in proper blood circulation. It has dietary fibers and beta carotene. Sweet potato helps in blood cell formation. It also helps in coping up daily stress.

It is not only these foods but always remember to have lots of green vegetables, fruits and lots of water to maintain a good health. And never forget to have regular exercise so that you can maintain a good health.

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  1. wow so helpful post but i think , I ate only 2-4 things from this list 😀

  2. Indrani Banerjee

    Hi Kiran,

    These are really common things which we can get easily everywhere, but hardly we take care of. So, try to incorporate all in these in daily diet.

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