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11 Tips for Healthy Life during Monsoon

Monsoon is just about seasonal winds which brings dizzy and heavy rainfall. Here is 11 Tips for Healthy Life during Monsoon. After scorching heat monsoon gives relief from patchy sweat and excessive heat. Now-a-days due ozone layer depletion heat during summer has increased a lot. And pollution also made life miserable in cities. Rain gives relief from heat and dust. Monsoon season is loved by people of all stages and all location. Monsoon always remains a boon for the farmers in rural areas for their crops’ growth.

11 Tips for Healthy Life during Monsoon

Harmful effects of monsoon

Though monsoon is favorable still it can also have some harmful effects on our health and skin if not taken care of properly.

Monsoon brings water born diseases and various infections. People also face gastrointestinal problems during monsoon. Young and old ones get fever due to weather change and harmful virus present in atmosphere. Water logging gives rise to mosquito and other insects. Possibility of disease such as dengue, malaria, jaundice, typhoid, conjunctivitis, viral infection, skin rashes, dehydration in body increases in monsoon season.

Tips to maintain a healthy life during monsoon

So it is very necessary to follow some protection during monsoon season.

  • Neatness and cleanliness is very essential. Proper hygiene is must. Wash your hands and feet pry using good anti bacterial soap to keep yourself free from germs which the sewage water in the water logging bears.
  • Put bleaching powder, kerosene, and insect killing powders round your home to keep your family members away from bacteria, diseases, infections. It can increase mosquito breeding which can lead to malaria or dengue.
  • Don’t allow water to get stagnant near your house or garden area a
  • Take proper vaccination if you find somebody is having viral infection in your neighborhood.
  • Have herbal tea, ginger, garlic, pepper, basil and mint in ample amount to increase your immune capacity. It will also protect you from cough, sore throat, running nose and common cold which happens due to weather change.
  • Keep your skin free from rashes and allergies which are quiet common in monsoon. Wash your skin properly after coming back home from outside. Use toner or astringent to protect your skin from germs. Use talcum powder and calamine lotion to moisturize it properly.
  • Protect your skin from infection. Conjunctivitis is very common during monsoon. So try to wash your eyes at least five times a day. Use rose water for healthy eyes.
  • Drink lot of water to protect yourself from dehydration. But always remember to purify it before drinking.
  • Take lot of green vegetables and seasonal fruits to strengthen your immunity power.
  • Always wash off vegetables properly before you cook. It will be better to wash the vegetables ones you get it from market. As during monsoon vegetables get clogged and probability of worms in vegetables increases.
  • Keep your house clean from mud and dust to avoid allergies and especially you have asthma patients at home take proper care of hygiene.
  • Never forget to carry rain coat or umbrella with you while you go out of your house. Don’t get wet in rain or else you can get fever or can catch cold.
  • Avoid eating food from open stalls as they are not well covered so the open food gets contaminated with bacteria which are present in the monsoon air.

“Prevention is better than cure” so if you maintain such precautionary measure monsoon can be enjoyable to you and your family. Don’t forget monsoon season is God’s boon to us so we must enjoy the soothing effect of it but with proper measures.

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