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4 Good Snack and 4 Bad Snack

Snacks– a delicious thing to have. By hearing the name of snacks we feel hungry. But we often hear from the doctor that snacks are not good for health. It is half truth as because it completely depends on snacks that is it good or bad for health. The Good Snacks which are low in saturated fat, has high nutritional value, vitamins, fiber, minerals,etc. The Bad snacks will have high saturated fat, high in calories, sodium, sugar and have very less nutritional value.

4 Good Snack and 4 Bad Snack

It is always advisable whenever you buy some snacks just turn around the packet to check the nutritional value in it.

Let’s check out some healthy good snack and some bad snacks for you:

Four Good snack are:

Mixed Nut
Try out some salted almonds, cashew, peanuts, walnuts, which are rich in protein, monounsaturated fat, fiber, Potassium and low sodium. You can either roast these nuts or can glaze it with honey or jaggery which makes it tastier.

Try out healthy popcorn, which is a quick and easy snack. Popcorn is rich in fiber, low sodium which is good, nutritious and filling. Toss your popcorn with iodized salt to make it tastier. Try to avoid cheese powder adding to it as it will add more calories to the snack.

Low sugar snack Bar
Go for low sugared or sugar-free, nut filled chocolate bar or glucose bar, which are both healthy and tasty. You can also try dark chocolate bar which are good for health.

Try out smoothie made up of fruits and yogurt, which are really refreshing and highly nutritious. Add frozen fruits, banana into it to make it more filling. Any fruits will add desired nutrition and fiber into it.

Whole Grain Corn chips
Get some whole grain , low sodium corn chips, which are rich in fiver and are non-oily, so it carries low fat. These whole grain chips are crunchy and good to taste, but never forget to check the sodium level. Choose the low sodium one for you.

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Now, four bad snacks which you need to avoid:

Doughnuts and pastry cakes
Doughnuts are delicious but it carries lots of calories. Chocolate coated Doughnuts, various Pastry cakes though are mouth watering are rich in saturated fats which are harmful for health.

Potato Chips, Fried munching snacks, Cheetos
Potato Chips, Cheetos and other fired munching snacks are rich in masalas, calories and saturated fat due to the oil, cheese powder in it.

Frozen snacks
Frozen snacks such as Bacon, Burger, Nuggets, various ready to eat snacks,etc are preserved so have high amount of sodium, calories and fat in it.

Cheese popcorn, cheese Burger, Pizza
Though these dishes are delicious but heavy consumption of cheese is harmful for our health. All these carries lot of saturated fat, trans fats and sodium which is not at all recommended for good health.

Try to replace these unhealthy snacks with some healthy alternatives mentioned above, find out some vitamin C enriched fruit snacks, baked fires, protein rich low fried foods, etc which will add to your health.

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