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5 Benefits of Eating on Banana Leaf

In Asia and especially in India traditionally it is believed to be good to eat on Banana leaf. Mainly in southern India and east India banana leaves are widely used to serve food. Banana leafs are not only used for eating, it is even used during pujas, used for ailments, used as decorative pieces in Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies, for wrapping foods and articles and in south India banana leaves are so huge that it is even used as umbrella during monsoon. Banana leaf is used to cook various cuisines as it is water proof.

5 Benefits of Eating on Banana Leaf

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Eating on Banana leaf is highly beneficial.

• Banana leaf has huge amount of antioxidants that is in the form of polyphenols which helps to fight cancer, Parkinson’s disease.
• Eating on Banana leaf is quiet hygienic. It requires just sprinkle of waters to clean it.
• Banana leaf is the most convenient disposable plate which one can use and it is Eco-friendly and gets easily disposable in earth.
• Banana leaf benefits pocket also as it is cheaper than disposable and metal plates.
• It is easy to use as it is quiet big and spacious. It is convenient as you do not need to wash it using cleaning soap.
• Eating food in banana leaf will benefits joint pains while sitting on the floor is best practice to get relieve from joint pains as sitting and bending while eating will keep your body flexible.
Not only is that cooking on Banana leaf also very healthy. As it has polyphenols it gets added to cooked food which is very good for health. The oxidation process adds nutrition value to our food. Banana leaf falls under plantain leaf group. So eating on banana leaf is quiet soothing to the digestive system as the mucilage in leaf cools the burning mucus membrane and thus helps to cure ulcer. The diuretic herb in the leaf gets buffered with the food items and thus has positive effects on kidney. Banana leaf also helps in killing bacteria and germs in foods and thus prevents it from various diseases. Banana leaf is also useful for curing injuries and inflammation but it depends on the application. Eating food on banana leaf is authentic and it looks very colorful. Banana leaf is always a good option as it is large, flexible and decorative too. In India, on special occasions such as pujas and family functions such as marriages, mundane and thread ceremony Banana leaf has become a custom.

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