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5 Benefits of Protein

Protein is one of the most important component or nutrition which our body requires to work properly. Protein is required for muscle and tissue development. Protein is available throughout the body that is muscle, bone, skin, hair, tissues and other body parts. That is why people who desire to have a good muscled body love to have protein. Protein is available through meat, fish, egg, beans, and nuts. Protein is basically a “macronutrient” as body requires it in large amount.

5 Benefits of Protein

Amount of protein body requires

  • Children from two to six years, women, and older people require five ounce a day.
  • Men and boys require seven ounce a day.
  • Older children, active working woman, girls require six ounce a day.

Benefits of protein

Protein helps to brain to function better

Animal Protein is the main source which helps to build the building blocks which helps to make the chemical messenger which helps in energy production, wakefulness, hunger motivation. As mentioned before animal protein which also carries omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, vitamin B12, creatin which is very essential for skin, hair, bone, tissue and other necessary organs.

Protein helps in development of muscle and tissues

Protein diet helps in development of bones, muscles and tissues. Protein helps in developing lean muscles in various parts of body. Presence of amino acids in protein diet helps to control the fluctuation of muscle gain or loss.

Protein helps to reduce calorie from diet

Protein helps to reduce calorie from your diet by controlling the regular intake of food. Protein diet keeps you full and thus makes you less hungry. Protein diet required two time calories to break down or digest the food thus helps to reduce calories from your body and also helps to burn excessive fat.

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Protein helps to increase the bone density

Protein helps to increase the bone density and thus reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Higher protein intake increases the release of hormone IGF-1 which is a major regulator for bone density thus increases the bone health.

Protein helps in better sleep

Protein diet helps to have a restful sleep. Protein helps to optimize chemical transmitter balance which keeps us energetic throughout the day and helps to be restful at night. People who have sleepless night try to replace high carbohydrate diet with high protein diet which will help to have a undisturbed night.

Other Benefits of protein

Except these above mentioned benefits of protein diet there are also many other. Protein helps in muscle and tendon recovery and helps to get rid of injury. Protein diet helps to lower the blood pressure. Protein diet helps in strength gain. Protein diet helps to have a better lifespan.

Have lots of animal protein that is through white meat which is lean meat, fish and egg. For vegetarian have beans, legumes, soy milk, nuts and dairy products to get proper amount of protein.

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