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5 Benefits of Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal/ Lentils

Tur Dal is also known as Arhar Dal , Split Pegion peas or Lentils. Tur Dal is a traditional recipe which is available mostly in all households in India. It is either eat as a part of staple diet. It is tastier in forms boiled simple or rich with masala. Scientifically it is named as Cajanus Cajan. Tur dal/Arhar Dal has various names in different part of the world. For vegetarian people Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal is the protein component that is served as side dish with rice or flat bread like roti and chapattis. Tur Dal is one among the most prominent lentils available. The split lentil or Tur dal is one of the main ingredients used in south Indian dish that is Sambar.  Tur Dal is sweet and nutty in taste and it easily absorbs all the flavors of masala in itself. The origin of Tur Dal or split lentils is approximately 3500 years back in eastern part of India most probably Odhisa. Arhar/ Tur Dal is cultivated mostly in tropical and sub tropical countries.

5 Benefits of Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal/ Lentils

Nutrition Facts of Tur dal/ Lentils

Tur Dal or Lentils carry folic acid, lean protein, fiber, vitamin, carbohydrate. It is also packed with minerals such a iron, calcium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium and zinc.

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Nutritional Benefits of Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal/Lentils

  • Tur dal has folic acid which is very beneficial for women who are pregnant. As folic acid helps in fetal development and prevent any kind of birth defect.
  • Tur Dal has folic acid which even helps to prevent birth defects such as specific brain and spinal defects cord defects up to by seventy percent.
  • Tur dal is basically a legume that is plant protein which is exactly the lean protein which helps in muscle growth of the body. And the protein which it carries is lean that is low in fat.
  • Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal are low in calories so it is a very good substitute to reduce extra fat from your body and thus keeps you healthy.
  • Tur Dal or Arhar Dal has high fibers. Fibers help you to meet your daily needs and keep your weight in control. Tur Dal helps you keep you full and thus helps in taking lesser calorie per day. Fiber also helps to prevent constipation.
  • Tur Dal/ Lentils provide carbohydrates which body require for energy. Body breaks down the carbohydrates to blood glucose and thus produces energy in all parts of body.
  • Tur Dal or lentils help in keeping blood pressure and blood sugar level in control. It also helps in proper blood circulation in body.

Tur Dal/ Arhar Dal are the lentil which is a form of legume that is plant protein which contains all the essential nutrients your body requires to work. Having Tur Dal regularly helps to keep heart healthy, reduces the chances of stroke, cancer cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

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