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5 Best Foods to Eat in Lucknow

Lucknow is historically quiet important city and quiet well renowned as city of Nawabs and the Lucknow cuisine is world famous. Lucknow is very well known for the famous Mughal delicacies tikkas, kababs, biriyani. Rather the Awadhi cuisine of Lucknow which is the Nawabi food is famous round the world. Lucknow is the heart of North Indian Culture. Lucknow is quiet famous in its hospitality and manners. The Hindi language which is spoken in Lucknow is the most well formed language. Lucknow is the home of Urdu language.

5 Best Foods to Eat in Lucknow

Lucknowi food has the royal touch. The traditional food of Lucknow was highly patronized by Nawabs. The chefs are well trained to give the distinct royal and the regal look to the food. Today I am going to discuss the best foods to eat in Lucknow ones you visit the place.

Best foods of Lucknow are:

Lucknowi kababs
Lucknow is famous for its mouth watering kabab. Kababs are available in large variety. Various kabab with different names and royal touch is available in Lucknow. Some of the names are Galavati kabab, Tunday kabab, Kakori kabab, Patili-ke-kabab, Sheekh Kabab, Shami Kabab, Boti Kabab. Kababs are served with Sheermal or parathas. If you want to have best kababs in Lucknow visit Tunday Kababi Private Limited.

Lucknow Awadhi Biriyani
Lucknow Awadhi Biriyani is a form of Pukki Biriyani. Biriyani derived from Persian word “Birian”. The word “biriyani” stands for fried before cooking. Awadhi Biriyani is the layer of meat and rice baked and cooked separately. If you visit Lucknow then you must eat at Hazi Wahid Qureshi’s Biriyani at Aminabad.

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Nahari with Kulcha
Nahari is basically beef prepared in thick gravy and served with kulcha. Nahari is now prepared with mutton instead of beef and the preparation contains thick spicy gravy and mutton pieces added to it. “Pai ki Nahari” is the dish where leg bone and other bones are cooked and bone juice is mixed with the gravy. The best Nahari you can get at Haji Abdul Rahim’s shop known as Rahim’s shop at Akhbari Gate Lucknow.

Sheermal are saffron covered parathas which is made out of dough flour mixed with milk and ghee which is baked in iron tandoors. Lucknowi sheermal is served with kababs and korma.

Chaat is a popular food which contains crispy fried ball of boiled potatoes and peas. Ones you visit Lucknow try this out at famous Royal Café in Hazrat Ganj market.

It’s not all when it comes to food in Lucknow. Lucknow has wide variety of foods as mentioned before. If you want to have a good malai kesar kulifi then you need to visit Prakash Kulfi at Lucknow. They have huge varieties of kulfi present there. Lucknowi korma and Tehri are also unique dishes which you must taste ones you visit Lucknow.

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