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5 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most important places of tourist attraction. It is an island country in Southeastern Asia. Singapore contains total 63 islands. Singapore has Tropical Rainforests. The weather is humid. Singapore is one of the great financial sectors. Tourism is one the main business area which holds the economy of the city. Lakhs of tourists visit Singapore each year.

5 Best Places to Visit in Singapore

Today we are going to discuss some of the best tourist spots which make Singapore more beautiful:

Marine Bay Sands Skypark
Marine Bay Sands Skypark is one of the most hot tourist spots in Singapore. You can observe the city from the roof top area. You can take bird’s eye view of gardens by the bay. The place has amazing tree structure. The early evening time will be the best time to visit the place.

China Town
China Town is the colorful place. This is a pleasant place to stroll. This place has colorful Peranakan shop houses and some historical places to visit. The Smith and Pagoda Street is the main busy area. This place is divided into four districts- Bukit Pasoh, Telok Ayer, Kreta Ayer, and Tanjong Pagar. This place is filled with hawkers and tasty street foods. It has ethnic shops and many religious places such as Hokkien temple Thian Hock Keng, Sri Mariamman Hindu Temple and James Mosque.

Singapore Flyer
The world’s largest flyer is Singapore Flyer. Each Singapore flyer has twenty eight capsules which are air conditioned and can carry 28 people each. The wheel takes complete thirty minutes for complete rotation. It provides a wonderful panoramic view in both day and night. The Flyer is 150 meters in diameter, 165 meters high, and can travel at 0.21m per second.

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Clarke Quay and riverside Nightlife
This place is the party hub. The nightlife of this place is dazzling. This area is filled with bars, pubs, and night clubs. The night time is just so vivacious. This place has huge famous restaurants. The forbidden city, The Lunar Asian Fusion Bar, The Bamboo Bar is most happening place in this place.

Universal Studio
The universal Studio is one of the attractive places which were opened in 2010. It has several theme sections and many different types of ride shows. It is science fiction city. It has Ancient Egypt set up to attract viewers. You can even have your photographs with your favorite celebrity. The Lost world, the Far Away section, Madagascar all has different surprises for the tourists. Kids enjoy here a lot.
There are also various famous places to visit in Singapore such as Raffels Hotel, Garden by the Bay, The Merlion, Little India and the Singapore Night Safari. Little India is something which has everything to see you need to know about India beginning from masques, temples and churches. The metro station, the busy life style, various tasty food stalls and shops. Singapore Night Safari gives a wonderful view of nocturnal wild life. The Merlion is the iconic statue of Singapore which is a must see of the place which is the mythical symbol of the place. Garden of the Bay is the colorful and huge park of the place with lot of beauty lying in it. The Raffels Hotel is the colonial style hotel with great history. Singapore has lot to surprises for all.

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