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5 Best Street Food Joints in Srinagar

Srinagar is largest city and the summer capital of Kashmir. It is a very beautiful place in India and as you all know Kashmir is as the “Heaven on Earth” and Srinagar is a part of this heaven. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. When it comes to food Srinagar offers best food for her tourists. Today we are going to discuss some of the best street food joints available in Srinagar.

5 Best Street Food Joints in Srinagar

Best Street Food Joints in Srinagar are:

Sher Barbeque Cafeteria
Sher Khan’s barbeque shop is in Khayam Chowk which is two kilometers away from Lal Chowk and is one of the famous street food joint . The best mutton skewers are served here. Sher khan serves the best lean mutton with perfect combination of masala and yogurt cooked on charcoal. The barbecue skewers are served with a tasty chutneys and locally-made loaves of thin bread known as ‘Lawasas’. The roasted mutton and the complete dish with chutney and bread are available at very affordable price.

Imran Barbecue Cafeteria
Imran Barbecue Cafeteria is also located in Khayam Chowk in Srinagar. Iqbal the owner of this cafeteria proudly declares that from great politician to business man had the taste of skewer from his barbeque. Tandoori chicken, kebabs, the local cuisine called ‘wazwan’ and fried fish are served here.

Grand Grills Restaurant
Grand Grill Restaurant is in main Road near Bemina Degree College located at Srinagar. This street food joint serves the food with perfect blend of Chinese and Kashmiri flavored touch.

Krishna Vaishno Dhaba
Krishna Vaishno Dhaba is in Ram Munshi Bagh which is near Poloview in Srinagar. It is a completely vegetarian dhaba and street food joint which serves wonderful “Rajma and Kheer”. Various kind of vegetarian dishes are available at very reasonable price. Chicken dishes are best to try here. And the food available is at very reasonable price too.

Gareeb Nawaz
Gareeb Nawaz is situated at Khayyam Chowk is one among the food outlets in Srinagar. This food joint serves the best sheikh “tuji”. Mustafa the owner of this restaurant says that this joint was established 45 years ago. It serves one of the best barbeque in Khayaam Chowk.

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Srinagar offers various kinds of non vegetarian dishes which are best available there. Except the above mentioned places you can also find some of best local foods in Khayaam Chowk, Lal Chowk . If you are visiting Srinagar then never forget to taste “Wazwan” which is a 36 course meal. “Sheekh Kabab”, “Tujji with lavash” and mint chutney, Kashmiri nun, “”Rogan Ghost”, “Gushtaba”, “Rishta”, “Tabakmaaz” and “Kanti” . In drinks have a sip of “kahwah” and “Noon Chai”. For bakeries you can visit the famous bakeries named Mughal Darbar, Shawl Bakery, Jee Enn Sons and Hattrick. Ones you visit Srinagar have the best food there and share your experiences too.

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