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5 Minutes Fat Burners Exercise

Fat burning is something which everybody wants to do, but for that we need time. But yes there are some 5 minute exercises which are fat burners and thus help to release fat soon. In this busy schedule we don’t get enough time to spend longer time for exercise so we look for short cuts. Fat burning workout is perfect for keeping your mind and body fit. Cardiovascular exercise will help you to keep your energetic and healthy.

5 Minutes Fat Burners Exercise

Some five minute tricky fat burning exercise helps you burn your fat which is really amazing and surprising:

Jump rope
Jump rope is very simple. Do hopping for about five minutes. Jump as fast as you can. Speed it so that it will help you to burn more calories. Jump rope exercise helps in over all movement and shaking of the fats of your body.

Switch Lunge
Walking lunge with some weight dumb bells will help to have proper stretch of your legs and thigh muscles. This helps to burn near about 45 calories within five minutes. Step your right leg forward and bend both knees towards lower into a lunge. Press through your right heel to return to standing keeping your foot lifted then immediately step your right foot back and lower into a lunge. Press through your left heel to return to standing.

Rotating T Extension
This exercise needs concentration. This place helps to burn the extra pounds in just few minutes. Start in a pushup position then Keep your arms straight and your core engaged, try to shift your body weight on your left arm and try to rotate your torso to the right while doing this raise your right arm upward toward the ceiling and hold for five seconds then return to starting position and repeat on the other side. Do it for five minutes it will really help to burn calories in the side areas.

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Skater Hops
Jumping and fast movements help you to burn more fat. Here is another exercise for you which is easy and help you to burn fat. Stand on your left foot with your left knee slightly bent and put your right foot slightly off the floor then jump to the right side and land on your right foot by bringing your left foot slightly off the floor and repeat the same by jumping to the left and continue alternating as quickly as possible. The speed is most essential here.

Speed up as much as you can. Go for a smart run for about five minutes. Complete one circle in park which will help you to burn calories much faster. But remember to get warmed up before you start running.

There are also many other such five minute exercises which can help you to burn your calories much faster. The marching glut bridge, the inverted shoulder press, Jack in the box, Fat feet, and single leg plank hops, surfboard hops are also very helpful if you perform it on daily basis for just five minutes.

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