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5 Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency and Treatment

Hello friends today we are here to discuss 5 Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency and Treatment. We all know the importance of calcium in our diet. Calcium is crucial for our growth and strength. Today I will tell you five symptoms of calcium deficiency and how to treat them. The deficiency of calcium is known as hypocalcaemia and it comes with lots of complications.

5 Symptoms of Calcium Deficiency and Treatment

Muscle cramps

This is the first symptom of calcium deficiency. This is like an alarming sign as the muscles of our arms and underarms ache as we move them.

Disturbed sleep pattern

Another sign is that a person who is deficient in calcium will not be able to sleep properly. Either he will have insomnia or even if he will sleep, the sleep won’t be deep or refreshing.

Tooth decay

Calcium is vital for the growth of our teeth and bones. Another sign of calcium deficiency is decaying teeth or there may be delay in the start of tooth formation because of the deficiency.

Poor bone formation

This is a serious condition as calcium deficiency can lead to fractures, spasms and muscle aches and in extreme cases rickets or osteoporosis.

Brittle nails

Our nails also require calcium to grow healthy and strong. Weak and brittle nails are another sign of calcium deficiency.

The treatment of calcium varies according to the intensity of the deficiency. If the deficiency is not very serious and is in the beginning phase than it can be cured by including foods that are rich in calcium in your diet and having chewable tablets of calcium particularly for kids. If the deficiency had reached to a bigger level than medical help should be sought. Basically calcium is absorbed in our body through vitamin D so we should include vitamin D in our diet too through diet and sunlight.

If the deficiency had reached the level of rickets and osteoporosis than medical care should be sought. Extreme cases require surgery too.

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