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7 Benefits of Exercise

Exercise is the proper movement of body which maintains overall health and wellness. Proper physical exercise keeps your healthy and wealthy. Exercise also gives you happiness and energy. Exercise helps in building and growth of bones and muscles and it also enhances the cardiovascular health. Exercise is a miraculous drug for many ailments. Exercise also develops the immune system. Regular exercise of 40 -45 minutes will keep you active for whole day long and you can the long race of your life with a much better health.

7 Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are immense. Let’s discuss some of the benefits which may inspire you to have exercise regularly without fail.

Exercise helps to lose weight and remain fit

Exercise burns extra calories in your body and helps to gain a good physique. One needs to be consistent in regular exercise. Proper exercise helps you to sweat out and will help you to have a toned figure and keep your body weight in control.

Exercise does magic to your mood

Exercise stimulates the happy chemical from your body which keeps you relaxed and stress free. It also boosts your confidence level and keeps you energetic. Exercise controls the hormone level which is the reason for mood change.

Exercise regularizes the blood pressure

Exercise helps to lower the high blood pressure level. Good aerobic exercise keeps both systolic and diastolic level under control.

Exercise keeps your heart and lung healthy

Exercise reduces LDL cholesterol which helps to remain heart healthy. A good cardio exercise helps to keep your heart to pump out blood properly. It helps in proper blood circulation which helps in improvement of heart muscle function. Jogging helps in reducing the risk of stroke.

Exercise improves bones and joint muscles

Exercise develops the muscle strength. Exercise relieves from arthritis by improving joint muscles and its condition. More strains on muscles bones while exercise helps to increase their tenacity. Exercise relieves the bones and muscles from getting stiff.

Exercise helps to prevent cancer

Exercise increases the passage of food through the colon. It helps in proper release of toxins from your body. Exercise reduces the level of estrogen in women which reduces the risk of cancer. Overweight can be the reason of increase of insulin which can be the cause of cancer.

Exercise promotes brain health and is also anti-ageing

Exercise promotes the brain health. Exercise stimulates the brain nerves and cells which are part of the memory power. Exercise helps in proper blood circulation and blood flow to the brain which helps to improve memory and also helps in checking the degeneration of nerves and keeps you young for longer time.

Exercise also improves your sex life. It keeps you psychologically fit and active. To have a good sex life it is obvious to remain stress and anxiety free life and exercise helps in that.

Exercise also help to have a good sound sleep. If you are free from anxiety and tension you will get a good sleep and exercise helps in that. Exercise also improves the immune power of your body and keeps you free from diseases. Exercise is also good from pregnant woman as it keeps mother and baby in a healthy condition. Exercise provides relief from asthma and diabetes.

Exercise should be done regularly for about 40 to 45 minutes. Exercise must not be stressful and one should not pressurize oneself for hard movements. Never force yourself. Do it slowly and smoothly for better results.

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