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7 Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish massage also known as “classic massage” was developed by a renowned Swedish doctor Mr. Per Henrik Ling. Swedish massage is the form of massage where pressure of massage was put on the deeper bones and muscles and the rubbing process will be in the same direction as the flow of blood is returning towards the heart. Swedish massage is helped to relax the muscles.

In Swedish massage the body is made lubricant with essential oils then after gathering the details of your physical injury, if any for safety purpose the massage is provided. The body pose during the massage can be lying upside down or straight depending on the instruction and portion of the body where massage will be provided. Massage is done in all parts of the body. The strokes which are used in Swedish massage are kneading, friction, long strokes, tapping, friction, gliding strokes, bending and stretching, circular pressure, shaking motion.

7 Benefits of Swedish Massage

7 Benefits of Swedish Massage

The benefits of Swedish massage are:

  • Swedish massage relaxes your body and provides relief and helps to relief your body from tension. It keeps you stress free.
  • Swedish massage helps in blood circulation and it helps to release the metabolic waste from various body parts.
  • Swedish message helps to get rid of scar massages and thus helps the muscle to return into its healing form.
  • Swedish massage helps to get relief from chronic pain specially occurred due to arthritis and other muscle and joint pains.
  • Swedish massage helps to get rid of muscle injuries. This massage also helps to improve the flexibility and the range of motion of muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, and joints of shoulders, ankles.
  • Swedish massage helps to improve the immune system. This massage helps to reduce the number to T cells and thus helps to develop a strong immune power.
  • Swedish massage helps to increase the process of deeper and easier breathing. Stress helps to get muscles tightened. Tight muscles does not allow lungs to breadth properly thus Swedish massage helps to muscles to slow down and that helps in proper breathing.
  • Swedish massage helps to increase the oxygen level in blood. Blood circulation helps to increase the level of oxygen and thus keeps the heart healthy.
  • Swedish massage helps to recover from any previous bone and muscle injury if any. It is a special massage which is very beneficial for athletes.

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Swedish massage helps to maintain overall good health and provides relief from stress. It is also very pampering and it is overall enjoying. For better effect have plenty of water after you have a Swedish massage. It is better to have some rest which will make you feel more relaxed. And it is mandatory to keep yourself away from exercise for at least twenty four hours after having a Swedish massage.

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