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7 Foods Rich in Protein

Proteins are essential part of your daily diet and it is one of the important nutrition which acts as essential building blocks and thus helps to develop muscles, bones, ligaments and tissues. Protein is also used to maintain body metabolism, helps to produce enzymes, hormones and blood circulation and digestion process. Deficiency of protein can lead to various diseases such as weak heart, loss of muscle and tissue and weaker immunity.

7 Foods Rich in Protein

Protein can be found in dietary products such as animal source such as meat, egg, milk and other sources such as nuts, soya beans etc.

Now let us discuss in details about the food sources which are rich in protein:

Meat is an important source of protein, such as white meat and red meat both have huge source of protein. White meat is much healthier as it has lean protein. Dark meat is high in cholesterol. For high amount of healthier protein go for lean white meat that is poultry and fish.

Nuts contain high amount of healthier protein. It gives energy. Nuts like Almond, cashew, Peanuts are high protein food. Nuts are rich in amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids so those are good health wise. Nuts not only help in muscle development but also help to prevent skin dryness.

Sea Food
Sea foods are rich in protein and are low in fat. Salmon, Tuna, Cod Fish, Halibut and other sea fishes are good source of protein. Sea foods are essentially packed with omega 3 fatty acids and amino acids.

Egg whites are excellent source of protein. Egg white is low in fat. Egg white is extremely nutritious for egg white.

Soya beans/ Beans/ Legumes
Soya beans are again a good source of protein for vegetarians. Cooked soya bean is extremely healthy and rich in taste. Legumes including peas, kidney beans, white beans, black beans are rich in amino acids and are high source of protein.

Blue berries
Blueberries are rich in minerals and highly nutritious. It is high in protein. Blueberries are available in various forms canned, raw, sweetened, and unsweetened and also in the form of syrup.

Soy milk
Soy milk is a good source of protein for vegetarians. It is a super drink.

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Dairy products
Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese contain good amount of protein and other essential minerals which are helpful for your health. But yes, if you choose skimmed milk that will be much healthier for you.

These are not all, there are also many other source of protein such as fruits like guava, apples, apricot, avocados, tangerine, coconut, banana, vegetables like asparagus, cauliflower, fig, broccoli, spinach, dry fruits like dates, Brussels sprouts, sweet corn and tofu.

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