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7 Things Don’t Forget While Traveling

Traveling is a wonderful experience. Traveling can be due to various reasons- it can be for official purpose or for recreation alone or with family. Traveling can be fun filled when you plan for some outing to get some space from daily monotonous life. And when the trip is decided, then the stage comes when we to take care of the bag packs, tickets, and hotel bookings etc. And in this hurry we miss out many things. So it is very necessary to have a list made, which will include all the necessary for your traveling purpose. But remember that you should not carry all the things along with you which are not necessary just jot down a list and follow that which will include all necessary articles. Remember to keep your bag light weighted.

7 Things Don’t Forget While Traveling

Now let’s discuss about some necessary things which should not forget while traveling, rather these are the “must haves” in your bag.

Things not to forget:

Documents and credentials
Make a note of all the important documents required for you during traveling. The documents which you will mostly require: Identity card (PAN Card, Voter ID, Driving License), Passport, Visa, Traveling tickets, Passport size photograph, traveling license, visiting cards, important contact numbers, Your itinerary plan list. Always remember to carry both original and photocopies of those articles. If you are traveling from official purpose then remember to carry all the necessary official documents you will require for the trip. You need to keep all these documents safely in the hidden side of your travel bag but it should be reachable for you when required. To skip missing out of these articles keep it in a safe small pouch.

Money and cards
Get some cash for yourself. The cash which you will carry must have enough money for yourself in emergency too. Do it in this way, keep cash in two separate places in bag some amount for emergency purpose and some petty cash which you will require for traveling purpose that can be for food, cab etc. Take your plastic money that is credit cards, ATM Cards. If you are traveling to some other country then remember to take currencies that are valid in that particular country.

Clothes and essentials
Keep your bag light so try to carry the clothes which are light, useful and relaxing. Count the days and carry your clothes accordingly. Don’t forget to carry the swim suits, tracksuit, t- shirts, inner, lowers, shoes and slippers. If you are traveling in place which has cold weather carry some sweatshirts, sweaters, caps for your safety. Any proper hotel provides bed sheet, towel and rags so you don’t need to carry those. For girls carry a small pouch in your travel bag which will contain your essential make up articles such as face wash, foundation cream, moisturizer, compact powder, liners and lip gloss.

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Carry shampoo, body wash, oil, face wash, sanitizer, and deodorants along with you. Also carry the mosquito repellent, thin towel, tissues, cotton buds, cotton, face wiper, lip balms along with you.

First Aid Kit
First aid kit is very essential for you. First aid kit includes Dettol, pain balm, and antiseptic cream. Pain killers, some tablets especially for loose motion, acidity, headaches, fever, cough and cold, cotton, band aids, electrolytes, oral dehydration and any other medicine if you are having on daily basis under doctor’s prescription.

Electronic gadgets and necessary articles
Carry your digital camera to click some good pictures. Don’t forget to carry your mobile phone, International SIM card if you are going out of country, ear plugs to listen good music, Bluetooth headset is optional, charger, batteries. Carry a torch light or a small emergency light. Now-a-days laptop or palmtops are essential both for official and personal requirement, data card or modem for internet connection. Books to read but don’t carry some heavy books as it will make your luggage heavier.

Other essential articles
If you are going for some adventurous tour then you need to have some sleeping bags and some other articles for preparing tent, ropes, light etc. Carry some dry foods, biscuits, chips, chocolates while we love to keep on munching while we are on way. Carry language guide if you traveling to some other country.

Remember to have all the articles properly in your luggage bag. Don’t mess it, put the entire necessary articles chamber wise or separate it in various pouches as it will be easy to find them when required. Ones all packing done recheck the list and get ready to enjoy your trip ahead.

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