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7 Tips for Time Management

Time management is the most effective technique for you in this busy world. Time is the most valuable thing on earth. If time gone everything is gone. There is a famous saying “Time and tide waits for none”- it’s true. So you need to value time, one need to work smarter not harder to be successful. We all have twenty four hours a day and it does not change for anybody, till we find some people to be extremely successful than others. This is just because they know how to manage time.

7 Tips for Time Management

Today I am going to share with you all some small management tricks which will help you to be increase your productivity, keep you happy and will help you reach your goals much easily.

Ways to Manage Time:

Jot down your daily works to do
First of all maintain a diary where you need to jot down your daily routine. Make list of works you need to do each day. Then divide the time accordingly. Ones you achieve all the works you have assigned for yourself at the end of the day don’t forget to say “well done “to yourself.

Get ready to say “NO”
People always mismanage things as they can’t say no to others. In your personal time, people out of professional emergency get pressurized to do office work. This ruins your life. So try to finish the work in the dedicated time. Take the amount of work load which is possible to finish within the stipulated time. Never overburden yourself. Keep your cell phone, laptop away from yourself when it is not required. And say “no” politely to anything when you really don’t have time.

Think wisely and work smartly
Try to always think wisely that how you can manage maximum productivity within minimum effort and time. This will help you to improve your management skills. Work smarter, not harder- Stop wasting long hours in your office or in household work uselessly.

Know and decide your goals
Goals are very important for your life. You need to decide your goals then only you can achieve it. Ones you have fixed your goals then decide the map which will followed by you to achieve it, then divide those between time frame so that it will be easier for you to achieve it.

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Have a break
Break is mandatory. It is not at all wise to be workaholic so decide some good breaks for yourself everyday which will rejuvenate you and bring fresh ideas in your mind. Have some stipulated time for breaks at least for 5 minutes such as lunch break, tea breaks, dinner break etc. Take rest for entertainment too, which will help you to get refreshed.

Wake up early and sleep early
Begin you day with the day break. After a good sleep of eight hours you will feel fresh and your brain will work much better and quicker. So try to get up early. Even morning time is the time when no phone calls or emails will disturb you. For creativity morning time is the best time to work.

Give time for self development and learning
It is not only work which will make you successful, you also need to get updated so read books, take classes to learn new things or to get updated, which is really very necessary. Study time is really required.

Rewarding yourself for the achieved goals is really necessary. Ones you are able to manage your time, finish your task within the stipulated time and get your goals and works achieved never forget to reward yourself and celebrate such moments by giving yourself a good treat or gift whatever you want!!

About Indrani Banerjee

Indrani Banerjee
Indrani is born and brought up in West Bengal-the state which is enriched with culture. Her educational qualification consists of Masters in English and Masters in Human Resource. She loves to deal with people and keeps desire to do something remarkable as she believes that there are only two resources on the earth-one is environment and another is human that’s why career wise she works as an HR Generalist. Reading and writing on varied articles is one of her desired extra curriculum activity. She loves to talk, spend quality time with friends and family. She is quiet travel freak. Among her hobbies cooking will take a very important place. She loves to do embroidery and paintings. Rather than that she is from a cultural background so dancing and painting is also added in her extra curriculum activities. For her family is most important and she lives for them .And she also believes whatever she is today because of them. She believes in God. She always believes that:”Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”.

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