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8 Dairy Free Sources of Calcium

Calcium is one of the very important minerals which our body requires especially for bones and teeth. From very small age our body requires calcium for our body structure growth and development. Calcium keeps us away from osteoporosis and other arthritis issues. Normal dairy products have some acid in it which may cause bone loss. So doctors often recommend to have dairy-free source of calcium.

8 Dairy Free Sources of Calcium

Everybody must have enough amount of calcium regularly thorough various dairy products and other supplements. But if somebody has some allergy towards dairy products or they are restricted to dairy products in that case they should try other natural sources which contains calcium in proper amount.
Now let us check which natural sources are there which contains good amount of calcium and which are dairy-free. These dairy-free products are not only rich in calcium it also has other nutrition value which adds to your heath.

Below mentioned are 8 dairy-free sources of calcium:

Bok Choy
Bok Choy is the Chinese Cabbage rich in Calcium and Vitamin A and fiber. Being a green vegetable Bok Choy is helpful for health.

Kale is rich in calcium and antioxidants. This green leafy vegetable is very good for health and helps you to keep many diseases away.

Orange a rich source of vitamin C and calcium. Oranges in the morning breakfast is a great source of energy throughout the day. Oranges keep skin glowing. Try out orange juice daily.

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Soy milk
Soy milk is again a great source of protein and calcium. Try out regular cereals and corn flakes with soy milk at breakfast.

Tofu is made from dried and grounded soya beans. It has lots of protein and calcium, which adds more energy to your health than meat!

You can find not only fish and water bodies in the sea, there is also another very nutritious food in the sea named as seafood which is rich in fiber, calcium and iodine.

Dried figs are really great sources of minerals and taste. It contains fibers, calcium and antioxidants.

White Beans
White Beans is the legume which contains lot of calcium and iron. These legumes are best one to make hummus.

This is not all, except the above mentioned sources of dairy-free calcium, there are still more to go. Salmon, Fennel, Broccoli, Black current, Blackberries, Black strap Molasses, Cashew milk, Almonds, Sesame seed, oatmeal, Sardines, Turnip greens, Amaranth, Cheerios,Baked Beans,Chia Seed, Hemp Milk, Chinese Cabbage and Fortified food.

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