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8 Solutions for When You Can’t Sleep

A shut-eye sleep is very important for your healthy body. But many people suffer from insomnia and spend sleepless nights. Nothing to worry, there are some solutions which will help you to get rid of insomnia, when you can’t sleep. Insomnia is basically the state when a person cannot have the proper amount of sleep a human body requires. Troubled sleep and insomnia may cause due to various reasons, but the main reason starts from a combined effect of physiological, behavioral and physical problem.

8 Solutions for When You Can't Sleep

Reasons for why you can’t sleep

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional conflicts
  • Poor routine
  • Bad habits such as watching TV before sleep

8 Solutions for to have a better shut-eye sleep

Fix your bedtime routine
Try to keep your bedtime on a fixed time, which will help you to have a better sleep. First learn to realize your sleep time schedule, when feel sleepy, do not force yourself in any particular sleep time. Go by your body cycle. Ones you fix that then routine up yourself accordingly.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol, coffee before bedtime
Nicotine before sleep affects your body, so try not to smoke before going to sleep as this affects your sleep. Do not drink alcohol just before bedtime this will harm our sleep cycle. Coffee has too much caffeine, so never drink coffee at night as this harms your sleep.

Sleep in a cool and calm place
Try to keep your room noise free, this will really help you to have a good sleep. Keep your room dark and cool. Try to reduce down the temperature of your room between 15 to 23 degrees. Try out heavy curtains and black mask with your eyes to have a good tight sleep.

Try to relax your body
Try to do meditation, yoga, deep breathing, which will help you in the relaxation process. Try to make yourself stress free. Meditation and yoga really helps.

Try to make your bed appropriate for proper sleep
Choose a right and comfortable mattress for yourself which will help you to have a cozy sleep. And never bring your work on your bed. Keep it limited to, your study table.

Eat good food which will help you to sleep well
Eat foods rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, calcium, which helps in proper sleep. Have dairy products, almonds, walnuts, green leafy vegetables, fish like tuna, and legumes. Do not eat in excess amount in the dinner, which may create trouble of acidity and other issues during sleep time.

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Nap in the right way
Napping at the noon time helps to get boost up, but that should be limited to 20 minutes only. Never sleep for an hour or so, which really hampers your sleep.

Do not use your brain every now and then
Set for fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning or daytime to calculate out your problems and to work out on that. Do not bring your worries unnecessarily, especially during night. Do not do any complex work or calculation at night. Be relaxed.

Follow some easy tricks which may help
Take a hot shower before going to bed, it relaxes your muscles and helps your body temperature to drop which may make you feel sleepy. Try some easy leg exercises, try out some hot milk rich in calcium and try to concentrate on your in and out of breathing which also really helps.

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