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Acupressure Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Acupressure is the natural treatment which can be provided to treat high blood pressure without any side effect. Acupressure came from the Latin word “acus” which means needle pressure. Acupressure is just the alternative natural treatment which is similar to Acupuncture. Acupressure is the process by which the main acupuncture points of the body are pressurized to clear the blockage of those particular meridians. It is also known as “tapping method”. It’s an age old concept which has no side effects at all. Acupressure points are specially meant to release stress, anxiety, hypertension, and chest pain, general wellness, strengthening the immune system, kidney disorders and many others.

Acupressure Treatment for High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer. High blood pressure does not provide any sudden symptom so one should keep a check always by checking the pressure at regular intervals. High Blood pressure is the increase in pressure of the blood pushing against the wall of arteries. High Blood pressure creates lot of severe health problems such as stroke, heart attack, vision weakness, stress and other heart health issues.

Various kinds of treatments are available for High Blood Pressure- Allopathic, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Acupressure. Acupressure helps in better and quicker relief. Remember to drink lots of warm water after you have acupressure session as it will help to remove away the toxins from your body.

The pressure points which are really helpful for High Blood Pressure:

GV20- This point is at the center of the head in the midpoint with equal distance from the ears. Messaging this point relieves your mind from stress, depression. It is also beneficial for headache, nasal obstruction, vertigo, speech difficulty and ear ringing. It also strengthens the memory. This point is also known as “baihui”, the 100 meeting point.

Procedure: Press this point with thumb and release follow the same for 15 times in the morning and 15 times in the evening for better results.

H9- This point is in the root of the nail of the little finger of left and right hand. Pressuring this point gives you relief from chest pain.

Procedure: Press this point for 15-20 times whenever you feel pain in chest.

P6- This point is located on the inner forearm about the width of three fingers from the wrist crease. This point is also known as inner gate. Pressurizing on this point relieves anxiety and nausea.

K3- This point is also known as bigger stream. This point is located at a distance of one finger from the ankle towards the heel which controls and balances the control of immune system and kidney meridian.

Procedure: Press this point for 15 times both in morning and evening so that it may boost the immune system. It also solves kidney problems, ankle pain, tooth pain, asthma and lower back pain.

ST36- This point is located within the depression shine bone and leg muscle. It is near about four fingers below the knee cap. This is also known as three mile foot.

This treatment is used to treat immune system. It tones the Qi and blood circulation.

TW15- This point is located on the top of the shoulder blade at the back. This point is used to relax the shoulder muscles. It also helps in boosting the memory and concentration level. 

Procedure: Put strokes properly for about one minute daily.

KD1- This procedure is also known as bubbling spring. This point is located two third of distance from foot at the base of the second toe. Pressing this point relieves you from stress. 

Procedure: Press firmly for a minute.

LV3– This point is located between big toe and second toe. This point is helpful in controlling the body parts associated with liver meridian.

Procedure: Press the point with the index finger as much as possible at least for a minute,

LI11 and HT3- LI11is located at the outer crease of the arm near elbow joint. HT3 is located at the depression created near the bone of elbow.

Procedure: Press these points for a minute regularly.


People with blood pressure more than 200/100, acupressure is not advisable.

It is better to have a little training from the experienced practitioner so that one can perform it properly. Please consult your doctor before following any method.

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