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Arthritis Warning Signs

Arthritis is basically the problems and disorders related to joints. Arthritis mainly causes inflammation in various joints. The problem of arthritis grows with the age. Now-a-days arthritis is even common in early age too. Arthritis mainly start with joint pain, muscle fatigue, muscle strain.

Arthritis Warning Signs

There are various types of arthritis among which the most common are:
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Osteoarthritis
• Gout

Signs and symptoms of arthritis vary from person to person.

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Warning signs of Arthritis

• Stiffness in joints, especially in morning
• Body weight loss
• Problem while walking or moving hands
• Muscle pain
• Joint swelling
• Stiffness in joints, especially at knee and shoulder and back.
• Wear and tear in the joints
• Tenderness in muscle and body
• Numbness and tingling feeling in hands
• Fever with joint pain and inflammation
• Weakness and fatigue, which leads to energy loss
• Dry mouth
• Poor and incomplete sleep
• Bumps under the tissues
• Dry eyes, with itching
• Less appetite
• Bumps on fingers
The early diagnosis of arthritis is better for you to realize the issue. So it is better never to ignore. At times you may feel stiffness in your body parts, especially in back, knee and arms after sitting for a long time or specially in the morning hours while getting up from sleep. Gaining weight needs to be restricted. Disturbed sleep due to joint pain must never be ignored. Specially women need to keep their weight in control and people with overweight are most prone to have osteoarthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis mainly attacks body tissues specially soft joints of the fingers, elbows,etc. Gout causes inflammation in various joints and muscles. Any of the above mentioned sign can be an early sigh of arthritis, so it is better to check with your doctor so that you can start your early treatment.

To avoid arthritis one need to maintain:
• A healthy diet
• Avoid too much salt, processed foods, fatty foods, carbohydrates, fired foods, sugar and dairy products.
Omega 3 fatty acids are very helpful to avoid arthritis
• Keep yourself hydrated
• Have lots of vitamin D
• Avoid high heels for whole day
• Proper, regular exercise, but avoid heavy exercise which may harm your body.
• Proper joint movements
• Controlled body weight
• Be careful from serious accidents and injury
• Give support to your joints while sitting for a longer period of time while in office or at home

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