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Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercise is basically cardio physical exercise which involves oxygen to meet the energy demands required while exercise. Aerobic exercise can be both of low and high intensity. Aerobic exercise includes walking, jogging, running, stair climbing, rowing, swimming and cycling. Aerobic exercise is the component of fitness, it not only increases your energy level and capacity but also helps you to live longer. Aerobic capacity is basically the maximum amount of oxygen intake during the cardiovascular and muscular exercise.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Surprising Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

There are huge benefits of aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise keeps your body healthy and fit. It keeps you free from various diseases and also increases the immunity power. Now let’s discuss in details the benefits of aerobic exercise:

Aerobic Exercise burns fat and help to reduce weight

Aerobic exercise helps to reduce fat and burns extra fat from the body. It keeps your body in shape.

Aerobic Exercise keeps you mentally healthy and happy

Aerobic exercise keeps you mentally stress free. It provides relief form anxiety and depression. Exercise acts as natural painkiller.

Aerobic Exercise keeps your muscle and joints healthy

Aerobic exercise keeps your muscle strong and healthy. It helps to develop the blood vessels. Exercise keeps you free from muscle pain, back pain and joint pain.

Aerobic Exercise increases the body resistance power

Aerobic exercise increases the body immune power. Exercise provides certain energy that a body can fight with unwanted virus.

Aerobic Exercise keeps heart, lung and body healthy

Aerobic exercise keeps blood pressure in control and thus reduces the chances of heart attack stroke. Exercise helps to have proper blood circulation. It also helps to reduce the risk of cancer and diabetes. Aerobic exercise helps to keep your lung healthy.

Aerobic exercise helps to increase stamina and energy power

Aerobic exercise helps to breathe in more oxygen which miraculously reacts to the body in giving energy.

Aerobic exercise helps to keep the blood pressure in control

Exercise helps to keep both systolic and diastolic rate in control. Exercise helps to lower the heart rate and thus controls the blood pressure level. It also helps to increase the HDL cholesterol level in blood. Exercise also controls the glucose level in blood.

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Aerobic exercise helps to have a good sleep

Aerobic exercise helps you to have a good relaxed stress free sleep.

Have lots of water which will keep your body hydrated. Aerobic exercise must be done regularly at least five days a week and for at least for thirty minutes. Aerobic exercise must follow with medium speed. Don’t hurry while doing exercise. Start with some warm up before you start aerobic exercise. Kindly consult a doctor to know about the exercise which you can follow at your age.

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