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Benefits of Vitamin D on Health

Vitamin is the organic compound which the body requires to work. Vitamins are really necessary as it works as a supplement for growth, body development and energy. Vitamin is provided in body either naturally or through various diet supplementary, There are total twelve type of vitamins which our body which regulates our body and its organism.

Benefits of Vitamin D on Health

Knowledge about Vitamin D

Vitamin D is quiet essential for human body. Vitamin D is available in huge amount in sun rays that is why it is also known as sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is essential for our bone health and muscle strength. It is a fat soluble vitamin. It absorbs calcium and phosphorus which helps the immune system to develop including bone teeth and complete growth process of human body. It also protects the body from various diseases.

Benefits of Vitamin D in human body and health

  • Vitamin D protects from flue, cold, infection. It has strength to increase the body immune power.
  • Vitamin D protects the body from chronic diseases.
  • Vitamin D is used to treat Rickets (bone disease) which occurs in small children due to deficiency
  • Vitamin D is also very efficient to treat bone weakness (osteoporosis) and bone pain (osteomalacia).
  • Vitamin D is also used to treat bone deficiency (osteogenesis imperfectia) in body which can be often genetic.
  • Vitamin D increases amount of calcium in bone which prevents from bone fracture.
  • Vitamin D also at times can be helpful in treating colon cancer.
  • Vitamin D improves the blood circulation and protects heart and blood vessels. It is really helpful for patients of high cholesterol or high blood pressure. It is effective against cardio vascular diseases.
  • Aged people face the risk of deficiency of Vitamin D which increases the symptoms of Arthritis.
  • Vitamin D is also necessary for aging kidneys.
  • Vitamin D is also prescribed by doctor at times to treat skin problems such as lupus vulgaris, vitiligo etc.
  • Pregnant women are also prescribed Vitamin D so that they have enough immune capacity.

Availability of Vitamin D / Food rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D is mainly available in sunlight so daily exposure to sunlight at least for ten to fifteen minutes without getting sun burn is really helpful. Rest one can get through food though in food it is available in quiet less quantity. Vitamin D is available in some fatty sea fish like tuna, salmon, sardines, herring etc. It can be also found in dairy products. If one has higher deficiency then doctor provides vitamin D supplements. Medicines are also available in market. Tablets such as Reosto a Himalaya group product is really helpful. Various baby massage oil is also available in market to develop the bone health for babies.

Food rich in Vitamin D

So Vitamin D is essential for human body in all stages of life be it the baby stage or old stage of life. That is why it is recommended to have proper dietary supplements consisting Vitamin D and have enough exposure in sunlight to be always free from such harmful diseases and deficiencies.

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