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Benefits of walk for Health

Life is not only about living it’s also about being healthy. Benefits of walk for Health is well known fact. Human body is just like machine proper maintenance is very necessary to keep it working. For healthy life one need to take proper care of it. Regular physical activities keep body parts active. Physical exercise has become really necessary. But people at times are really not aware of right way of exercise which can be really harmful. So it will be very better if one can adopt the practice of regular walking.

Benefits of walk for Health

Walking is easy and most suitable form of exercise. It is appropriate for all ages. It is hassle free. And it not at all difficult so there are very less chances of drop out. Walking acts miraculously to various health issues and cures many diseases.

How to Walk : Method

The proper method which one should follow will be taking a brisk walk regularly from half an hour to one hour. To make it more interesting one can hear light music while walking or else if you can go with somebody that will be also very great.

  • Wear loose fitting clothes so that air can pass.
  • Wear good pair of comfortable shoes.
  • Carry a bottle of juice which will keep you energetic.
  • To start of walk little slowly to warm up then go for a brisk walk for half an hour.
  • Before you end stretch legs and hands little to avoid tiredness.
  • To make walking more interesting pedometer is available. Take it along while you go for walk. It will help you to see how many steps you took and how much calorie is burnt.

Benefits of Walking

Walking is just weight bearing exercise. There is lot of benefits of walking:

  • Body fat is reduced. Walking does not allow extra fat to gather in your body.
  • It gives proper tone and shape to your body by strengthening the muscles of thighs, hips, butt, abdomen and waist.
  • As walking is a cardio vascular exercise it keeps your heart healthy. It reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke.
  • Walking maintains the level of blood pressure. It increases the level of good cholesterol and reduces the bad cholesterol.
  • Walking strengthen bones and keep it free from joint pains, arthritis.
  • For diabetic patient walking always remains a very good exercise. It improves the level of blood sugar.
  • Walking in morning is quiet helpful to gather vitamin D in your body naturally from sun exposure. Vitamin improves the bone immunity power.
  • Walking can also reduce fat and tone the muscle of upper arms if one can swing it while walking.
  • Walking surprisingly acts on diseases and people who walk regularly will have lesser chance of the following disease like cancer, dementia (brain dysfunction), colon cancer and breast cancer.
  • Walking boosts up the blood circulation and increases the level of oxygen in blood which helps to increase the energy level.
  • Another astonishing effect walking keeps mind and body fresh. It keeps the person happy.
  • Walking is also effective for glowing skin. Walking helps skin to sweat out which opens the skin pores and release the skin from dirt.

Try to make walking a regular habit. Try to include it in daily activities like walk while you go for shopping, avoid lifts and try to take stair case, go for buying daily necessary articles in the locality stores while walking.

Always remember to maintain some safety while walking. In the beginning if one get little tired stop somewhere and take little rest. One should never force himself/herself to walk. While walking if any one faces any physical problem it will be advisable to have a doctor check up. Try to make walking a regular habit. Try to include it in daily activities walking while shopping, avoid lifts and try to take stair case, go for buying daily necessary articles in the locality stores while walking.

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