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Best Bengali foods or what Food not to miss while visiting Kolkata

Bengal is rich with cultural heritage. As many different invades brought different tastes and essence in the food culture. People of West Bengal are really foodie. I am a Bengali and I love Bengali food. Especially the East Bengal recipes are mouth watering. Bengal food is always full of spices and is quiet rich. Bengali main course food is mostly cooked in mustard oil. The sweets of Bengal are world famous.

Boiled rice based vegetarian main meal - Bengalis call it bhat

Bengalis are mostly non-vegetarian. Though most of the food of Bengal is very tasty still I will suggest some food to my readers which are never to miss while having a visit in Bengal or Kolkata.

In the list first I would like to keep would be Hilsa Fish. In Bengali language this recipe is known as “Ilish Macher Pathuri” or” Ilisher Jhhal”. It is really tasty. “Ilish maccher jhal” recipe contains Hisha fish cooked in mustard paste.”Ilish macher pathuri” is cooked by tying the fish which is marinated with coconut gravy and mustard in banana leaf and roasting it in a pan.

Mustard Ilish: A very popular Bengali cusine of Hilsa fish with mustard seeds

Bhetki Mach” (Sheep head fish) is very well renowned in Bengal.”Fish Kabiraji” or you can say fish cutlets are a very good snack dish. It is prepared by having fish fillets coated in beaten eggs and bread crumbs. It is also cooked in the same process of Hilsha fish.

Next very famous vegetarian dish will be Poppy seeds or Khuskhus (in Hindi) with potato which in Bengali known as “Aloo-Posto” Another vegetarian dish which is very famous and is believed as holy for certain occasion of marriage thread ceremony and “annaprashan” that is “Shukto”. It is a mixed vegetable cooked in mustard and poppy seeds. The vegetables include potato, egg plant, and bitter gourd.

Among the non-vegetarian dishes I would like to mention Pulao cooked with Fish head which is known as “Murir-Ghanto” in Bengal. It is really delicious. In Kolkata the chicken rolls are simply fabulous. It is all time favorite for students and employees to have that either in snacks or even they consume at lunch.

Now coming to the sweet dish Sweet yogurt or “Mishti Doi” is really very tasty. No one likes to miss that. Hanged sweet curd or”jhuri doi” cannot be defined in words. Among the traditional sweets Rasgulla (“paneer “or cottage cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup), Rajbhog (“panner” or cottage cheese balls with almonds and pistachio dipped in sugar syrup), Rasamalia(small “paneer “or cottage cheese balls dipped in milk syrup. Various kind of Sandesh(Milk Cake) are very innovative. Sweet sellers try out new moulds with these milk cakes by adding different kind of flavors. “Payesh” the milk pudding where rice is cooked in milk adding sugar or jagur (“gur”) filled with cashew and nuts is awesome.

Though list of dishes are never ending still one should taste all these which I have mentioned ones they visit Kolkata. All kinds of Bengali food are really special. It can never be described in words. Ones the person visit Bengal and have a taste of it then only they can realize the real value of it.

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Indrani Banerjee
Indrani is born and brought up in West Bengal-the state which is enriched with culture. Her educational qualification consists of Masters in English and Masters in Human Resource. She loves to deal with people and keeps desire to do something remarkable as she believes that there are only two resources on the earth-one is environment and another is human that’s why career wise she works as an HR Generalist. Reading and writing on varied articles is one of her desired extra curriculum activity. She loves to talk, spend quality time with friends and family. She is quiet travel freak. Among her hobbies cooking will take a very important place. She loves to do embroidery and paintings. Rather than that she is from a cultural background so dancing and painting is also added in her extra curriculum activities. For her family is most important and she lives for them .And she also believes whatever she is today because of them. She believes in God. She always believes that:”Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”.


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    • Indrani Banerjee

      Hi Piyali,

      Ya its true, Bengali foods has so many to mention, but tried to write the best ones. Surely, will write more posts on this topic.

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