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All About Calcium and Why it is Important for Health

Hello friends today I am going t o discuss All about Calcium and Why it is Important For Health, with you all. We all know that Calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. A major portion of calcium is stored in our bones. Our bones make bone marrow. If we won’t eat the required amount of calcium, than our bones will become fragile and brittle. Most of us get the required amount of calcium through what we eat but in some cases we don’t especially when we age and if we are suffering from some illness or if we are sick.

All About Calcium and Why it is Important for Health

At that time it is important to consult a nutritionist who devises the exact plan for you with the help of which you can get your daily calcium boost. He can also recommend you some calcium supplements so that the deficiency of it can be recovered. Another important thing is that you should also get Vitamin D along with calcium as Vitamin D helps our body to absorb calcium better. Sunlight is the most natural source of Vitamin D. An adult needs approximately 1000 mg of calcium daily. Now let’s see why calcium is important.

  • Calcium is good for strong bones and teeth.
  • Good calcium levels reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.
  • It reduces the risk of rickets in kids.
  • It is essential for the growth and density of bones.
  • Healthy bone structure is necessary to maintain the structure of the body.
  • It is needed for regulating blood pressure.
  • It is good for ladies as getting enough calcium reduce the risk of pre menstrual syndrome.
  • Calcium also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. People, who are continuously on a diet or following some diet, don’t get enough calcium.
  • Proper calcium intake reduces anxiety, irritability, depression, headaches and cramps in women during menstrual cycle.
  • Pregnant women needs calcium as the developing baby needs calcium to build strong bones and to grow healthy nerves and muscles. If we don’t get enough calcium than the developing baby will draw it from our bones making our bones more fragile and weak.

Hope you find these tips useful.

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