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How to check Diabetes at Home

Checking Diabetes at home is the best way to keep a control on the blood sugar level. Now a days checking blood sugar level has become quiet easier. And the process has made people to get concern and have a check on the food and the life style they lead.

How to check Diabetes at Home

How to check Diabetes at Home

Checking blood sugar level at home can be of two types:

Blood test – Blood test is basically the process of measurement of level of sugar present in the blood.

Urine test- Urine test is the process of measuring ketones level present in urine. Ketones are mostly available in people having type 1 diabetes.

It is always to follow a proper process to keep your Diabetes on check. Try to maintain always a log book where all the details of the regular diet, exercise, medicine and blood sugar level is maintained, this will help you and your doctor to understand that how the effect of diagnosis and control is going on.

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How to test the blood sugar level

The process of testing the blood sugar level is quiet easier one. The devices which are required to measure blood sugar level are:

Meter to measure the blood sugar level

A test strip

A needle known as lancet

The process to measure blood sugar goes in this way: You need to prickle your finger with the needle for a drop of blood dropping the blood on the test strip you can immediately see the result in the meter which will display the blood sugar level. The meter is available in market of different types such as some with vocal instruction or larger display. These meters can even give the result within fifteen seconds and can store the results for future references too. It is better to consult your physician to know about the best meter for you.

There are also devices available in market which can test the blood sugar level from other parts of body such as thighs, upper arms, fore arm and thumb base. But it is authentic to do it from the finger tip as it provides the details of the quick change in blood sugar level.

When to measure diabetes or Blood Sugar

The best time to measure the blood sugar level will be before meal, after meal and at bedtime. But people who are on insulin they need to check the blood sugar level after regular intervals even after exercise or after or before doing any tasks. Still it is better to know about the frequency to be maintained regularly by your doctor.

Though blood sugar level varies from person to person, still under certain condition you need to immediately consult a doctor. Below mentioned the conditions:

If your blood sugar level is lower than 70mg/dl twice a week.

If your blood sugar level is more than 100mg/dl for more than two days for unknown reason.

It is also better to measure the HbA1c level for diabetic patients throughout the day. Now-a-days the glucose monitors which are available in market have the capacity to measure the blood sugar level. Below provided the chart indicating the HbA1c level according to the blood glucose level:

Average Blood Glucose Level (mg/dl)HbA1c

How to test ketones in urine

Ketones appear in urine when your blood sugar level is more than 250mg/dl. Developing of ketones in your blood can cause dangerous disease known as Ketoacidosis. As mentioned earlier ketones mostly occurs in Type 1 Diabetes people. Ketone appears when body uses its own fat instead of sugar.

The devices which are required to test the ketone level in urine are:

A small container to store urine

A test strip

A chart which describes the measurement, Now-a-days meters are also available.

The process goes in this way:  Collect the urine in the container and dip the strip into it. The strip will change the color which you can match with the chart provided.

Now-a-days meters are also available in market which can measure the ketone available in blood.

Ketone level is measured if you are feeling ill or the blood sugar level is more than 250mg/dl.

Follow the process and maintain the records properly and it is advisable to follow the medical aid from the physician you are consulting on regular interval. For better results make proper changes in food habit and follow a healthy life style to regularize your blood sugar.

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