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Food Rich in Calcium

Hello friends, today I bring for you Foods that are Rich in Calcium. We all know the benefits of calcium. Calcium is important for the health of our bones. As we grow older we start losing the density of our bones and have weak bones. It can cause Osteoporosis, a disease in which the bones become soft and porous. In kids the deficiency of Calcium can cause Rickets in which their bones bend.

Food Rich In Calcium

Calcium is the main source of strength for our bones. It is found in many foods especially dairy products which are known to be a rich source of calcium. A deficiency in calcium can lead to numbness in fingers and toes, muscle cramps, lethargy and loss of appetite. Following are some foods that are rich in calcium.

Milk : Milk is known to be a rich source of calcium. We give milk to the kids so that their bones become strong and teeth become healthy. Calcium in the form of milk can be easily digested and easily absorbed by our body.

Cheese : It is another product that is derives from milk. Cheese is also known as a good source of calcium as it is made of milk. Indian cottage cheese is also rich in calcium. The best part of cheese is that it is very versatile and can be made in to a number of dishes for the kids.

Yogurt : Yogurt or curd is also made from milk. It is not only good for our bones and teeth but also for our digestive system. The healthy bacteria’s in yogurt or curd makes digestion of food easy. Yogurt can provide more calcium than milk.

Green vegetables : Vegetables such as spinach, turnip, lettuce, celery, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus etc. are good source of calcium. They can be eaten raw as in a salad.

Almonds : We all know that almonds are good for hair and skin but they are good for bones too. Eat almonds as snacks either dry or roasted with some spices or add them to any of your sweet dishes. They will taste good every time and makes you strong too.

Fish : Fishes like sardines, anchovies, prawns and salmon are good source of calcium too. They are great options for those who eat sea food. They contain other essential nutrients too.

Well these were some of the foods that I think are rich in calcium. Hope you find this article useful.

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