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Why Girl loves Paani Poori

Paani Poori is a popular Indian dish which is very dear to all girls. Paani Poori is a popular street snack available at every state in India. It is basically a small crispy flour shell ( poori) which is filled with stuffed potato, chick peas, masala and sweet and sour water( which made up of tamarind pulp, chilly and masala).

Why Girl loves Paani Poori

Why Girl loves Paani Poori

Paani Poori has different names at different regions

  • In North and West India, Maharashtra and Gujarat– Paani Poori or Gol Gappa
  • In Orissa- Gup Chup
  • In West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand and Bangladesh- Phuchka
  • In Nepal- Gol Gappa
  • In Urdu- Pani ke Bataashe

It is tough to mention its origin but still it is believed that Paani Poori originated from Magadha which is now southern Bihar.

The relation between girls and Paani Poori is really can hardly be validate but still we can try to find out why girls love to have Paani Poori.

  • First of all Indian Girls love to have spicy food and Paani Poori consists all spices embedded into it like sweet, tangy, spicy and chilly.
  • Secondly it is not weather specific and can have at any time and at any season
  • Paani Poori is cheap and affordable.
  • Paani Poori is available at street corners so it is easily reachable.
  • Girls can have a look around while having Paani Poori as it is easily available at road side and can enjoy the open air ambience.
  • It is also believed that women loves sour and tangy taste more than men that’s why pregnant women as more inclination towards tangy taste.
  • Paani poori does not carry much fat so girls who are health conscious can easily have Paani Poori as much as they want. But still girls it is always better to have a limit.
  • Paani Poori boosts up the mood of girls at any time. Hovering around the Paani Poori stall and having mouth watering Paani Pooris under open air just boost up the mood and make girls feel good.

But always need to remember few things that eating too much Paani Poori can make your stomach ache. So it is always better to have Paani Poori in a limit and always take care of one thing that is hygiene. Kindly check that if the person serving Paani Poori is maintaining hygiene or not. Girls just remember these two things while having Paani Poori.

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