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How to handle Depression or Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety are natural disorders that affect millions of people worldwide but it is important to know, How to handle Depression or Anxiety. These are basically complex set of emotions. Depression and Anxiety makes you difficult to work your brain properly. And overcoming these is little tough but if you try nothing is impossible. Small measures will help you to overcome it.

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How does depression and anxiety work

Depression and Anxiety both are near about opposite reaction but still mostly goes together. Depression makes people to feel sad, helpless, demoralized and hopeless.  Depression results in loss of interest. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. Anxiety is basically a mental disorder. Anxiety results in uneasiness, fear and worry.

How depression and anxiety affects in daily life

  • Low appetite
  • Sleep disorders
  • Energy loss and fatigue
  • Memory loss
  • Less concentration
  • Irritability
  • Headache

How to handle or overcome depression or anxiety

  • Try to practice yoga-Yoga helps to balance your mind.
  • Go for a deep meditation regularly
  • Exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes this really helps you to be happy and relaxed as exercise helps in releasing hormone which can keep you stress free
  • Put a limit on your alcohol and caffeine as these can help to feel you more depressed.
  • Get involved. Get socialized. Talk to your friends and family. Involve yourself in some activities which will help you to get engaged.
  • Eat well balanced meals regularly. Never skip the meals have food properly.
  • Try to keep yourself happy. Laugh will keep you happy. So try to entertain humors.
  • Take proper rest and sleep. Sleep well as this will help your body and mind to get stress free.
  • Seek for a proper therapy from psychiatrist or physiotherapist.
  • Always go for a second opinion. Take always advice of more than two doctors if all are prescribing the same treatment then you can be rest assured to give a try on that.
  • Try to regularize a proper life style and if you are following any treatment then give time to it. Follow as the doctor says to do. Never discontinue the medicines suddenly. Complete the treatment and then wait for the result.
  • Be positive and try to put your negativity away and try to visualize the positive sides of everything happens with you.
  • Try to accept the painful memories. Take it as learning and go ahead.
  • Strengthen the will power. Believe in yourself.

It is always better to set small goals in life. Try never to distract yourself and always try to be patient. And always try to find friends for yourself. Face your fears and loss and learn from it and move ahead. Follow a proper routine for yourself. Mix with all involve yourself and always set a positive attitude towards life. These will always help you out to get rid of depression and anxiety.

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