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What is High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure is the measure of blood force which moves in our circulatory system. While heart is pumping the blood, pressure is created by blood vessels against the wall of arteries which is known as blood pressure. So the arterial pressure and blood pressure is similar. Blood pressure can be defined in three categories-Normal, High and Low. Blood pressure does not remains same at all time. It can be low when you are weak, feeble, tensed. It becomes little high when you are exited. High Blood pressure is life risky and creates lot of problem in body.

What is High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure is understood by checking the systolic (top) and diastolic (bottom) number. In normal case –systolic rate must be within 90- 120 and diastolic rate must be within 60- 80.It will be low blood pressure when the systolic rate goes below 90 and the diastolic rate goes below 60.High Blood pressure is predicted when the systolic rate goes beyond 140 till 190 and the diastolic rate goes beyond 90 till 100.

High Blood pressure has two stages-In stage one systolic rate varies within 140-159 and diastolic rate will be 90-99. In stage 2 the systolic rate is 160 and above and diastolic rate is 100 and above. High Blood pressure is dangerous as it cause heart failure. It is also known as hypertension. It causes the arteries to get harden as the heart has to work harder to pump out the blood.

Though the exact cause is not discovered yet there are some factors which play role in increasing the blood pressure like older age, overweight, excessive intake of alcohol, fatty foods,  smoking, too much stress, less physical activity, improper diet, use of excessive salt in daily diet, thyroid, kidney disorders etc. If in family history high blood pressure is there genetically then the siblings or future generation are supposed to have the same. Women who are having birth control pills can have high blood pressure at certain point of time. Low blood pressure can be caused due to less nutrition diet, dehydration, pregnancy, hormonal problems, neurological disorders and anemia.

  • One can keep a check on high blood pressure by maintaining a proper
  • healthy diet which will contain less fatty foods
  • lot of healthy nutrition
  • Sodium should be reduced from diet.
  • Try to exercise regularly for at least thirty minutes.
  • Try to avoid tobacco and minimize alcohol as much as possible.
  • Avoid stress as much as possible.

Remedies for low blood pressure will be good food with lot of nutrition, regular exercise, increase salt in diet, don’t go for heavy lifting don’t go for prolonged hot water bath ,have lot fluids in your diet. Though Low blood pressure is not that harmful as it can be checked by proper diet. But if one keeps high blood pressure untreated then it can be life risky. So please never neglect always try to keep checking blood pressure at regular interval of few months so that it will remain always under control.

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