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Homeopathy Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Looking for Homeopathy Treatment for High Blood Pressure. Homeopathy treatment is based on law of similar discovered by Hanneman. According to homeopathic treatment it is believed that every problem or symptom is basically related to human mind and emotions. According to homeopathy every treatment is totality approach. High Blood Pressure is denoted as silent killer as it gives no indication in the beginning. High Blood pressure or Hypertension causes hardening of arteries which makes hard for the heart to pump of blood.  According to WHO more than five million people faces premature death because of Hypertension. High Blood Pressure causes severe health issues such as stroke, heart attack, vision blindness, kidney failure and other defects for immune system. In order to have a track on your blood pressure one need to have a regular check up of health.

Homeopathy Treatment for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is of two types primary and secondary. For primary hypertension does not have any particular known reason but for secondary hypertension reason where issue arises due to some other health issues such as kidney disorder, immune problem, artery problems, sleep apnea and many others.

Various kinds of treatments are available such as allopathic, ayurvedic, acupressure and homeopathy.

In Homeopathy treatment the medicines which are used to cure high blood pressure are:

Aurum Metallicum- This medicine is used to reduce the stress level, depression. It reduces the tendency of sleeplessness at night.

Argentum Nitricium- This medicine is used to reduce the blood pressure level which increases because of anxiety. It also reduces the desire for sugar and salt.

Belladonna- Belladona is used to reduce the body heat specially the high throbbing and hemorrhaging of the body parts which also reduces the hypertension.

Nux Vomica– This medicine reduces constriction feeling in the chest. It reduces the impatience which caused by anger, anxiety and frustration.

Calcarea Carbonica- This medicine helps to improve the tiredness. It reduces the palpitation which arises due to extra hard work and physical activities. People often get tired at little physical when they have high blood pressure.

Veratum Veride- This medicine is used to cure cardiac palpitation.

Ignatia- This medicine is used to treat emotional upset and sorrows.

Plumbum- This medicine helps to cure chest contraction, nerve problems, and hardening of arteries. It also solves other muscle problems.

Glonoinum- This medicine is used to slow down the throbbing blood vessels and irregular heart beat.

Lachesis- This medicine helps to solve heart problems, constriction of chest, chest irritation.

Sanguinaria- This medicine helps the immune system and keeps blood pressure in control.

Natrum Muriaticum- This medicine helps to minimize the emotional symptoms of tension, frustration, depression.

The dosage is prescribed by doctor according to the seriousness of problem. Mostly doctor waits to see the results after one dose. Dosage differs as taken before or after meal.

It is not that only medicine helps proper food habits should be maintained. Proper green vegetables, fruits, fish like tuna and salmon, low fat dairy products and poultry is essential for balancing the food habits. Proper healthy life style should be maintained such as regular exercise and reduction of bad habits such as high intake of alcohol and smoking. Proper initiative towards healthy habit should be followed out.

* Please do not take any medicine without doctor consultation. Above detail is only for information purpose. *

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