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How Effective is Exercise When Depressed

Exercise not only keeps you fit, it also acts as a mood booster. Exercise helps to get rid of anxiety and depression. It keeps your mind happy. Regular physical activity helps to release a chemical named Endrophins which again helps to release stress and thus makes you feel happier. Depression and anxiety are complicated states of mind which makes you upset. It affects both mental and physical health. Now-a-days depressed mental condition is very common among most of the people.

How Effective is Exercise When Depressed

How exercise is effective in reducing depression and anxiety

Exercise basically helps to release a chemical named Endrophin which triggers positive feeling in your body and mind similar to morphin. Endrophin helps to reduce the perception of pain which acts as analgesic. Endrophin is produced by brain and various other parts of the body which helps to release neurotransmitters which acts simply as pain reliever.

Which exercise is best for releasing stress, depression and anxiety
• Yoga
• Muscle building exercise
• Tai Chai- Chinese exercise to release depression. *
• Jogging
• Swimming
• Dancing
• Bouncing
• Household work
• Playing
• Gardening
• Golf
• Biking
• Tennis
*Tai Chai is a famous Eastern traditional exercise especially of China which helps to release depression. It is mainly a proper exercise program which releases depression.

Exercise also helps:
To get a proper sleep.
To boost up your energy and mental strength
To reduces body fat
To reduce blood pressure and bad cholesterol
To get rid of various diseases
To keep your heart and lungs healthy
To build and strengthen your body muscles and bones.

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It has been noticed through out all medical studies that it is depression and stress which leads to various kind of heart diseases. It affects the cardiovascular health. Depression also affects brain function and appetite. So, exercise regularly to beat the depression. At least 30 minutes of regular exercise is required at least 5 days per week. Get yourself involved in various outdoor games and other sports. To get further support to fight out depression and anxiety meet your doctor, he will advice you on what exercise will best suitable at your age. Do regular household works such as sweeping, moping, gardening etc. Remember exercise is a fun so you need to choose accordingly which will give you fun. Be active always , this will really help you to stay away from depression and stress.

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