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How to be Happy

Happiness is something which everyone desires. Happiness is relative term, as it varies from person to person. What is their definition of happiness, it varies according to their desire. Mostly Happiness means feeling contended and satisfied after achieving what you want. It a joyful feeling, which makes you feel contended and elated. Happiness gives meaning to your life and existence. People has related happiness to achievement of materialistic goals, but it is not so, happiness has nothing to do with all these. Happiness is a feeling, which you can achieve ones you stop relating it to materialistic things. Being happy makes you feel younger, keeps you away from many health issues and also makes you look attractive.

How to be Happy

Now let’s check how to be happy:

Determine to be Happy
To stay happy is a practice, determine to stick to happiness, whatever happens to you. Try to look at the positive side of each and every thing. Show your intention and commitment towards being happy. Try to defeat your unhappiness with happiness. BE POSITIVE. Look at the positive side of whatever happens to you, this will really help to be happy.

Change your negative habits and thoughts
Try to concentrate on your mind and soul. Try to omit all negative experience and just remember whatever happened, has happened for something good. Try to learn meditation which will keep your peace of mind. Learn to be mindfulness. Think over any negative incident and try to judge the good thing which is lying in it. Remember everything has a good and bad picture.

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Be optimistic
Happiness depends on what you think. Try to be optimistic and dig out the good thing from everything. Change your approach towards things and incidents, this keeps you really healthy.

Be Grateful
Gratitude makes people humble. Be thankful for what you achieved till now. This helps to promote happiness among all.

Do friendship
Talk to people, try to develop friendship with them, help them out, this will help you to be happy.

Do not run for materialist things
Money cannot buy happiness for you. All these are really fake.

Cultivate forgiveness
Try to forgive everybody, this will help your lower down your anger and that can make you happy. This will also reduce bitterness among all.

Do some meaningful activities
Read some good books, do some exercise, meditation, yoga, spend some quality time with friends and family, play games, etc. all these will help you to reduce you negative thoughts and feelings thus will help you to be happy.

About Indrani Banerjee

Indrani Banerjee
Indrani is born and brought up in West Bengal-the state which is enriched with culture. Her educational qualification consists of Masters in English and Masters in Human Resource. She loves to deal with people and keeps desire to do something remarkable as she believes that there are only two resources on the earth-one is environment and another is human that’s why career wise she works as an HR Generalist. Reading and writing on varied articles is one of her desired extra curriculum activity. She loves to talk, spend quality time with friends and family. She is quiet travel freak. Among her hobbies cooking will take a very important place. She loves to do embroidery and paintings. Rather than that she is from a cultural background so dancing and painting is also added in her extra curriculum activities. For her family is most important and she lives for them .And she also believes whatever she is today because of them. She believes in God. She always believes that:”Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow”.

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