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How to Move Down Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer is a serious health issue, if not taken care of, may cause death. Basically, any malignant growth of cells in body is known as cancer. Breast cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in breast. Due to these unnecessary growth of cells, it forms tumor, tumor is the extra body mass which do not harm the body but if it is malignant and spreads in other parts of the breast and body it is known as cancer, which may even cause death.

How to Move Down Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer may cause due to various reasons:

• Overweight
• No exercise
• Drinking alcohol
• Having birth control pills
• Having hormone replacement therapy
• Having radiation therapy in breast
• No breastfeeding in past
• Baby at later age or no baby
• Starting of menstruation before 12 years of age
• Having menopause after 55 years of age
• Family history

Ways to move down your breast cancer risk:

You can control the things which are in your hands. Rest if it is in family history and other issues that cannot be avoided if same thing happens to you, one must be cautious regarding this.

Reduce the intake of alcohol
Daily intake of alcohol must be strictly prohibited. Alcohol may increase the risk of cancer, so try to avoid it.

Avoid smoking
Smoking can cause harm to body especially to women. Smoking especially during pre-menopausal time must be limited, this can lower the risk of breast cancer.

Exercise regularly
Body movement is very essential, so try to have a regular exercise for at least thirty minutes. For women after menopause, they must actively walk or cycle for thirty minutes daily.

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Try to decrease your body weight
Keep your body weight as per BMI. Try to have a controlled body weight, reduce extra pounds.

Do breast feeding
New mothers can do breast feeding for a longer period of time, this can reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Try to avoid pollution and radiation
Try to reduce your exposure to high pollution and high dosed computerized resolution.

Avoid post-menopausal hormone therapy
Try not to use post-menopausal hormone therapy. This can also help to avoid the risk of breast cancer.

Have a healthy diet
Eat lot of fruits and vegetables which help your body to get enough nutrition to fight out all unwanted diseases. Also try to have a low fat diet, this will help to keep your body weight in control and will keep healthy.

Avoid birth control pills
Birth control pills, imbalances the complete hormone balance of the body, which can harm you. Try to avoid birth control pills, this can also reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is diagnosed by ultrasound, MRI, mammograms and biopsy. Early diagnosis of breast cancer can be treated. There are various kind of treatments which includes hormonal therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, biological therapy and radiation.

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