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How to Recover Faster after Surgery

Surgery, the terms is little panicky right? By name of surgery we really get to think that how much time we are going to suffer from it and how soon I am going to recover from it. Be the surgery small or big, recovery needs time, but how much that totally depends on how fast we recover.

How to Recover Faster after Surgery

There are some steps via which one can recover faster:

Eat proper food
Food is really important. Food is the only source of nutrition your body gets. So you need to have proper good healthy food which will help you to recover faster. The food must be rich in vitamin C, Vitamin A, zinc, Protein, fiber, Vitamin B complex, probiotics, folate, Vitamin E, flavonoids. Doctor suggests to have chicken, fish, egg white, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Try to have body movement
Try to walk little, try to move in bed from one side to another. Do not stick to the bed. If you are able to try to do the movements. Never forget to take doctor’s advice on this.

Drink lots of water
Water helps to flush out waste from your body. Water is a natural healer. Try to drink liquid as much as possible.

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Have pain killers as per prescription
Have all your medicines properly, do not avoid to have medicines accordingly.

Check your incision
Try to take care of the surgical area. Try to give cold and hot as alternative to that portion, which helps to reduce down the pain. Try to recover soon from the pain, this will heal you faster. Keep it safe from infection, never touch the area without proper clean hands.

Music is a great healer
Heal yourself with music. Music helps to release endorphin which will help you heal faster.

Get some sunshine
Ask your therapist, nurse or family member to take you for a stroll in open area, such as ground, park or balcony. Open fresh air and light sunshine helps you recover faster. If you can’t walk around then sit along a window where you can get fresh sunshine.

Take care, be alert while the process of recovering
Never lift heavy things, ones you start to recover. Follow doctor’s advice. Follow small steps. Try to get help from others till you recover fully.

Follow proper doctor’s advice and instruction. Keep your next appointments well scheduled for proper check up till you recover.

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