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How to Stop Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health– This famous line though mentioned in every cigarette packet or always displayed in any movie or TV shows, still people cannot quit it or leave smoking. Smoking has become a habit which is quite harmful for health, and leads to severe diseases and health issues.
Now-a-days in this world smoking has become a physical and psychological need. In this stressful world people try to get rid of everyday tension, stress, anxiety and depression. The presence of nicotine in cigarette gives a feel good factor which makes people to get addicted towards it. And slowly it turned into habit.

How to Stop Smoking

How to Stop Smoking

It may feel tough to stop and leave smoking, but if anybody follows proper way it can be quite easier to stop smoking.

Ways to Stop Smoking

Behavioral therapy helps to stop smoking
Consult counselor to get various way out of how to reduce smoking. Consult for the ways to control the craving for smoking and find out ways to get rid of this.

Nicotine Replacement therapy to stop smoking
Tobacco has nicotine which gives you the happy feeling, while your behavioral treatment will be on process you will be suggested to have nicotine in other form of replacement such as gum, spray, inhalers, patches, lozenges. But it is always prescribed to do under doctor’s permission and observance.

Combination therapy to stop smoking
Try to use any of the two above mentioned therapy which will help you to get rid of smoking so just like use any nicotine supplement and also start having behavioral therapy.

Cold Turkey, which is no outside support to stop smoking
Basically this therapy is something all most every person who smoke tried ones, but it does not help really. In this process people try to do self-help, by not taking any outside therapy or counseling. In this process people try to silently stop the process.

Medicines to stop smoking
There are also some medicines available in market, which can be prescribed by doctor while you plan to stop smoking such as Zyban, Chantix ad many more which are available in market.

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How to quit or stop smoking:

  • Decide a certain date from when you want to stop smoking
  • Determine yourself on the decision
  • Fix the reason why it is important to stop smoking.
  • Make up your mind to tolerate the nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as headache, cravings, weight gain, Excessive hunger, anxiety, restlessness, depression etc.
  • Be committed to your decision
  • Go for some new hobbies which will keep you away from stress.

All these will surely help you to get rid of smoking soon. Remember if you determine something it will really help you to succeed. While following the process remember the benefits of quitting cigarette. This will keep you healthy and free from heart and lung diseases.

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