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Idea for Family Picnic or Outing

Idea for Family Picnic or Outing is what you were thinking a lot. A family picnic or outing can be an excursion and can be a best way to get relief and refreshment from daily busy schedule of life. Picnic is always family oriented. It is planned with family and some near and dear friends together. An ideal picnic is always enjoyable in outdoor ambience within open air midst a wonderful scenic beauty. The ideal season for picnic in India is winter season and in western countries it will be summer. An ideal family picnic or outing should be filled with fun and engagement. It must be memorable one.

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For an ideal picnic it’s better to prepare for it properly to make it memorable one and happening one. The idea of picnic or outing must come along with certain preparations.

  • First select a weekend when you and your friends can be available for outing. There should be proper time and free mind to enjoy the picnic. Choose a spot which has rest room bathroom and water facility around.
  • Second choose a good spot for picnic or outing. Remember it should not be too far from your place so that it should take limited time to reach. Time should not be wasted in travelling. Try to select a place which has good scenic beauty. It is better to have lake, park or garden around.
  • Third choose the conveyance to reach the picnic spot. Either a small bus or big car can be best for outing as articles will be there and people too so the vehicle should be enough spacious to carry all.
  • Fourth take the necessary things to be carried. Good baskets, mats to sit, big umbrella for sitting shade, plastic spoons, forks, plates, knife, bowls, paper glass, zip lock bags, trash bags, tissues, towels, first aid kit, hand wash, water, food, umbrella, glares, toys and games for kids.

For ladies don’t forget to take sunscreen and necessary articles in your handbag such as comb, face wash, hair pins and bands, ATM cards, money and glares.

The toys and games which are to be carried for kids and elders can be flying dish, chess, scrabble, ludo(board game), playing cards, badminton racket and shuttlecock etc. Also plan out some innovative games for elders such as antakshari, dumb charades, passing the parcel and many more.

  • Fifth select the menu and carry the foods which will be required in picnic

For picnic it’s better to select some ready made foods, dry food and packed foods. Plan for some good food, which contains enough proteins, vitamins and minerals.  Carry some dry fruits, cakes, biscuits, chips and wafers for the way. Pack some good vegetables and boiled eggs and chicken, bread, burger bread to prepare good sandwich and burgers. Juice is a must to prevent you from dehydration. Take some good fruits such as apple, banana, guava and other fruits. Good chocolates for kids and elders will provide energy.

Just get all these preparations done before you go ahead for picnic or outing. Remember to keep your mind fresh and all stress free to enjoy the outing. Don’t forget to take a good camera along with you to capture the memorable moments.

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Indrani Banerjee
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    • Hi Piyali,

      How are you?Always welcome….If you require any other suggestion feel free to message me…so that i can help you out with proper solution….

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