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Instant ways to find out if you are really Healthy

Health is wealth- a common proverb we all know. But it is really necessary to check that how we are maintaining our health. It is not possible for us to have regular checkups. And as it is our health which we need to take care of and we can only understand the small issues which our body may feel at times.

Instant ways to find out if you are really Healthy

So at times we need to check if we are really healthy and for checking that i am going to discuss some instant ways to check it

Check the urine color

Check the urine color regularly. Straw yellow color is a good sign. But if your urine color is deep yellow and it smells bad then you need to have more fluids as much as possible. If there is blood in urine it is really serious and you need to consult as much as possible.

When and how are you waking up

Check that if you are waking up without alarm clock. If you can wake up on proper time this proves to be a good sign that you are healthy. Lack of sleep proves that you are stressed.  Remember to have good sleep this will help you to keep you be healthy mentally and physically.

Check your eyes

Eyes speak many things. Check your eyes if it is white and clear. If your eyes are white enough then it’s a good sign. Yellow patches over the eyelid are the symptoms of cholesterol. If you find dark spots on your eye then consult your doctor as it is the symptom of skin cancer. If the whitish part of your eye turns yellow then it shows jaundice. Bulgy eyes can predict thyroid.

Observe your skin

Check if your skin is ok or what it’s trying to say. If your skin is yellowish then it predicts sign of underactive thyroid. Brown patches in hand and feet skin predicts the symptoms of kidney problems and if you find any velvety patches near neck or arm pit then it can be an indication of diabetes.

Check your tongue color

Check your tongue color if it’s light red and have little whitish coating then its good sign it’s just you need to have proper mouth wash to clear your tongue. But if your tongue is yellowish then you are lacking hemoglobin. If it’s bright red then have good amount of iron as you are lacking it. Dry tongue predicts stress ad red spots in tongue predict lack of vitamin C.

Check your heart beat rate

Normal heart beat should vary within 60 to 90 beats per minute. If you are having lower rate then it’s a good news means you heart is healthy but if it’s more than 80 then you need to have good cardio exercise to make your heart stronger and active.

Check the body mass index

Check the body mass index. BMI varies according to age and gender. It also depends on height. You can calculate your own body mass index. Follow the formula to calculate the BMI:

BMI= (mass in kg) / (height in meter.)2

Check your hair fall

If you are having constant hair fall check iron present in blood and also go for thyroid test.

Check blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and pulse at certain interval

Now-a-days there are various kits are available in market which can help you to test your blood pressure, cholesterol level and even your can check your diabetes level. Pulse rate even can be easily measured by you. It’s really very easy.

Always remember to keep a note of PERF that is P for Produce (how much energy you produced by eating healthy foods, fruits and green vegetables, E stands for Exercise(How much physical exercise you did per day), R for Relaxation( how much you sleep per day) and F stands for Fiber (how much high fiber diet you have per day). Follow healthy habits and remember always to find out if you are really healthy.

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Indrani Banerjee
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