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Welcome to Health Food & Travel Blog (BeLifexplorer.com)

We are looking for Writers (Work from Home/office in your free time)

We are also looking for your contribution. We are looking for writers to write articles for Health Food & Travel blog. Before you start writing on our blog you will have to provide us below two things:

  • A scanned copy/ image of your photo ID proof.
  • A valid bank account number/ PayPal account (for non-Indian residents) in your own name.

Do you like be a part of our writers team? Do you love to share your precious writings with thousands of readers out there? And what more? You can earn some money writing here which you may spend for makeup shopping every month!! Isn’t that exciting? Go ahead and read the guidelines!

Payment Details: We pay INR 150 per article/ review to Indian residents and US $3 (through PayPal) per posts to non-Indian residents.

For Non-Indian residents, the payment would be strictly through PayPal. For Indian residents, the payment would be only through online bank transfer (Note that it is mandatory that you have your own bank account for authentication purposes; you cannot give someone else’s account number). Payment is sent to you at the end of month on 29th after posting the article on our blog.

Writing Guidelines:

  • The article you contribute to us shouldn’t have been copied anywhere else from the net and the same applies to the images as well. You are not supposed to copy even a SINGLE line from the net or any other copyrighted source (Even if it is from your own blog). If you’re using Google images for general articles, that is alright but don’t forget to provide the source link of the image(s)
  • We would be holding the copyright of the article and the images that you sell to us so you are bound not to reproduce or re-sell the article in any form either online or offline. Please do not send us copied articles from the net. Also, we would terminate this contract if you are writing same article for a competitor blog. If you are already a makeup, beauty or fashion blogger we recommend that you write guest post for us.
  • Please ensure that the topics are not common with the ones already been written on the website. Use the ‘search’ option on the top right hand side of the blog to determine if a topic/review has already been covered. You can write as per your convenience, even an article per day. Also, you can use your own name or an alias.
  • Each article should have at least 300 words and at least 8 images. Please avoid writing your article in SMS language (u, ur, lemme, dis, dat, etc.).
  • Blurry pictures and pictures taken with mobile phones will not be accepted. No mobile pictures please! You must use a camera to click pictures.
  • Reviews that require too much editing with respect to grammar and sentence constructions. Although we edit all our articles, editing for an article is the responsibility of its author.
  • Every article/product review you contribute will be displayed with your name as the AUTHOR above your post. You can contribute your beauty writings in your name here and gain lot of friends!
  • Send your article in a word document, notepad file or just in a plain mail. You need not do any editing work; we will take care of it. Attach the images separately in the mail and don’t put it in the word document itself. Images should be clear, please!

Please send your articles only at this email ID [email protected] along with your bank account/ PayPal details.

Do let us know if this sounds good to you. If the terms are acceptable to you send us your article in an MS word file as soon as possible. If we approve the article we shall upload it with your name and transfer the payment within a week. Also send us your PayPal ID or your following bank details along with the article:

Account Holder’s Name:

Account Number:



IFSC Code:

Send Your Details and writing to below email id

[email protected]