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Junk Food and Health

Junk food is basically the food which is of low nutrition value and is carrying high calories, sugar and fat. The word junk denotes useless and extra. Junk food is always good to taste but affects your health. In junk food category the food which falls are all kind of snacks, candy, chewing gum, fries, pizzas, tacos, burgers, street snacks, sweet deserts, beverages. Junk food is always appealing because of the affordability cost and taste. Especially for children and youngsters junk food is very attractive and easily available. To be very honest the harmful effects of junk food are really high.

Junk Food and Health

Junk Food and Health

Junk food may be the cause of weight increase as while having junk food it satisfies our mind and we continue to have it which becomes the cause of our increased body weight. Junk food contains lot of calories which again affect our body weight.

Junk food affects digestion

Junk foods are good to eat but road side junk foods are not hygienic and affect health. It also causes digestive problems because of excessive masalas. The oil used to fry junk food are not basically good oil so it gets deposited in stomach and creates digestive issues.

Junk food can give rise to heart disease

Junk food can increase the risk of heart diseases as it contains cholesterol which affects heart. Overweight is also the reason of heart risks.

Junk food may destroy your liver

Junk food carries trans fat which can destroy the liver and its function.

Junk food may harm your kidney and blood pressure

Junk food such as chips and wafers contains lot of processed salt which increases your craving for these junk foods. Junk food increases the level of sodium in your body which increases the level of blood pressure which harms kidney functioning.

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Junk food also increases the risk of diabetes

Junk food increases the level of blood sugar and cholesterol in human body.

Junk Food harms brain and mind

Junk food leads teenagers to depression. Junk food helps in release of hormone which makes teenagers to feel depressed and mood swing. It disturbs the balance of hormone level. The bad fats present in junk food replace the level of good fat and thus impacts the brain memory.

Junk food also increases nutrition deficiency for kids and teenagers

In the growing age children love to have junk food which decreases their level of hunger for main course diet. This results to deficiency of nutrition as main course food helps to get proper nutrition. This deficiency results in poor academic quality, physical weakness and fatigue.

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Still people love to have junk foods so it is always better to have junk food in very limited amount rarely just to taste. It will be always praiseworthy if you can leave the interest and wish for junk foods and replace with some healthy foods.

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