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Mukta Vati Treatment for High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure is the most common problem which most of the people has to face now-a-days. Various kind of treatments are available in market be it allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic. Though naturally one needs to follow the precautionary measures before the person get accustomed to such health issues. Proper healthy diet is to be maintained. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are to incorporated lot in daily diet. Animal sources like meat, liver and eggs are good for maintaining proper blood pressure. Salt is a big enemy for high pressure so try to reduce the amount of salt from your daily diet.

Mukta Vati Treatment for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure causes lot of problems in human body like heart problems, kidney failure, stroke and other health issues. High blood pressure makes the arteries to get harden which results in unhealthy heart.

The main motto of all kinds of treatment is to regularize the blood circulation and proper flow of oxygen in human body which certainly cures all the problems which a person faces because of high blood pressure.

Among all kinds of treatment ayurvedic treatment has become quite well renowned because it has no side effects and one can continue along with the other treatment if a person is going through. The herbal treatments which are followed out are basically from the age old Vedic treatment which consists of herbal extracts and their ingredient value.

Now among the ayurvedic treatment which is available is Mukta Vati treatment. Mukta Vati treatment medicines are available in two brand one is of Ivy’s Mukta Vati and another is Swami Ramdev’s Divya Mukta Vati. Both are equally effective. The herbs which are used to prepare this medicine are near about similar.

Mukta Vati Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Availability of Mukta Vati :

Both Ivy’s mukta Vati and Swami Ramdev’s Diya Mukta Vati comes in same form of 120 tablets. Ivy’s Mukta vati comes in bottle and Diya mukta Vati comes in tablet strip’s box. Ivy’s Mukta Vati costs near about rupees eight hundred and Seventy four and Diya Mukta Vati costs rupees one hundred and ninety.

How Mukta Vati works:

Mukta Vati ails the root cause for hypertension.  It basically cures the “Vati Dosh” which is believed to be the main issue for all kind of emotional irregularities, stress, circulatory and metabolism problems.

Mukta Vati Composition:

  • Mukta vati contains eight main herbs which restores the balance of body and controls the blood circulation. The eight main herbs are enlisted below:
  • Brahmi- it cures metal fatigue. It is very good for heart ailing properties. It improves memory and relives from stress.
  • Sankhapushpi- It controls the anxiety level and distresses the hormone level. It enhances the bone marrow and tissues.
  • Arjuna- it acts as a cardio tonic. It balances the flow of blood and dominates the pulse rate and blood pressure.
  • Jyotishmati- it protects body against neurodegenerative issues and radical damage. It enhance the memory power too.
  • Pushkarmool- It heals chest pain and other breathing problems. It reduces cholesterol level and maintains a healthy heart.
  • Ashwagandha- it stimulates and regulates the nervous system. It reduces stress and carries anti oxidants in the body.
  • Gazoban- it ails heart disorders and also helps in stomach disorders.
  • Guduchi- It protects from asthmatic attack and has anti oxidants and is an anti inflammatory agent.

Daily Dosage of Mukta Vati :

For the patients who have blood pressure range of 160/100 and are also following allopathic treatment, need to have two tablets three times a day- one in the morning while breakfast, second before lunch and third time before dinner. And for the patients who have blood pressure range of 140/90 need to have two tablets twice a day- one in the morning before breakfast and the other before dinner. This medicine is to be taken with fresh water and minimum half an hour before food.

When the Blood Pressure gets normal reduce the dosage slowly. Monitor the pressure level regularly while you are having Mukti Vati.


Mukta Vati should be preferably taken under doctor’s advice while one is pregnant. Mukta Vati must be not followed two week prior any surgery. This medicine does not have any such adverse effects, still if some people face any allergies while having this medicine it is advisable to consult a general physician.

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