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Natural Treatment for High Blood Pressure

Natural Treatment for High Blood Pressure is everyone is looking for. There are also some natural remedies which can easily help you to lower down the high blood pressure. It’s really magical that some herbs can help to lower the blood pressure level if followed out properly. High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is one of the common health problems which most of the people faces. High blood pressure acts as a silent killer. There are huge numbers of factors which hare responsible for high blood pressure – unhealthy food habits, excessive weight gain, and huge amount of alcohol intake, stress and unhealthy life style. High blood pressure leads to severe health problems like stroke, heart attack, and hardening of arteries, vision loss, unhealthy heart muscles, metabolic syndrome kidney failure and many other issues.

natural treatment for high blood pressure

There are various kinds of treatment available for controlling high blood pressure. Lot of supplements from various treatment verticals such as allopathic, homeopathy, ayurvedic is available in market.

Herbs that help to lower high blood pressure

Cinnamon sticks- Adding little amount of cinnamon powder in your daily diet can help you a lot in high blood pressure.

Garlic- Garlic is a huge remedy for lot of disease. Garlic helps to reduce the systolic pressure. Garlic contains the sulfur compound which helps to lower down and relax the artery walls.

Basil leaves- Basil has soothing effect which helps the tissues and arteries to slow down a bit and help in lowering the blood pressure.

Cardamom- Cardamom can be used in soups and vegetables also have ingredients to reduce the blood pressure.

Celery seeds- Celery act as a diuretic in human body. It has qualities to help body to get reed of excessive fluid.

Hawthorn- Hawthorn helps in proper blood circulation

French Lavender- Lavender oil is used for body to give soothing effect. It helps to relax the body muscles.

Cat’s Claw- This herb helps to reduce hypertension. It acts on the calcium of the body. It helps to lower down the blood pressure level in human body.

There are also some other natural ways to treatments which can be followed to reduce high blood pressure. As mentioned before first of all one should improve food habits. Lots of green vegetables and fruits can naturally help to stabilize high blood pressure.

Green coffee extract is good in reduction high blood pressure as it contains Chlorogenic acid which helps in lowering down the high blood pressure.

Dark chocolate or cocoa extract- Cocoa powder reduces the blood pressure level it reduces the blood pressure level. Cocoa has flavonols which helps in reducing the blood pressure level.

Hibiscus tea-Hibiscus acts randomly in reduction of blood pressure.

Fish Oil/omega 3 fatty Acids-Fish such as tuna /salmon are essential to reduce high blood pressure. Omega 3 fatty acids help to reduce the increase level of high blood pressure.

Magnesium- It helps to reduce the diastolic rate of high blood pressure.

Vitamin D- Foods which are rich in vitamin D such as cod liver oil, fish, and fortified egg will help you to reduce high blood pressure level.

Along with these the naturally available vegetables and fruits which help to reduce high blood pressure are:

Potatoes, Banana, Mango, Spinach, Squash, Avocado, Sweet Potatoes, Oranges, Melon, Green peas, Kale, Carrots, Collards, Green beans, Dry fruits (dates, raisins), Grapes, Beet green, Lime beans, Strawberries, Peach, Apple, Yogurt, Low fat milk, Nuts, Tuna fish, Salmon, Egg, Cooked meat, Dark Chocolate(fat free), Red wine(two to five ounce per day).

Only food and herbs will never work if you don’t maintain a healthy life style. Intake of alcohol on daily basis will increase the blood pressure so it is advisable to reduce the level of alcohol from your daily diet. Everyday exercise is necessary to keep yourself fit and reduction of extra pounds from your body will help to have a balanced blood pressure.

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