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Reason for High Blood Pressure

There were enough Reason for High Blood Pressure. Before I put reasons let me brief you about blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force which is created by the blood against the wall of arteries. Heart pumps out the blood which the arteries carry out throughout the body. High Blood Pressure results the arteries to get harden which makes heart to pump blood harder which creates lot of unwanted severe problems

 Reason for High Blood Pressure

The blood pressure consists of two kinds of rates systolic the upper one and diastolic the lower one. There are certain stages of blood pressure which are mentioned below:

  • Normal blood pressure rate-120/80
  • Prehypertension-120-139/80-89
  • Stage 1 for high blood pressure-140-159/90-99
  • Stage 2 high Blood Pressure-160 and above/100 and above
  • For people of age more than 60 high blood pressure is denoted when pressure reading will be 150 and above/90 and above

Health Hazards caused by High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, vision defectiveness, shortness of breath and various other coronary issues.

Reasons for High Blood Pressure

  • Unhealthy Life style- Unhealthy life style is considered as one of the major issues for High Blood pressure
  • Excessive smoking- Smoking creates health hazards. It contributes in improper blood circulation.
  • High amount of alcohol consumption- Alcohol damages the wall of arteries which enhances the danger of heart attack
  • Stress- Stress and tension regularizes the blood flow in your body. Excessive stress creates hypertension.
  • Lack of exercise- Regular exercise is extremely essential to have a balanced pressure.
  • Over weight- Fatty foods are though good to eat but they harm you a lot. Extra pounds are always harmful.
  • High cholesterol and thyroid- Cholesterol and thyroid increase the body fluid which creates problem for heart to pump out the blood.
  • Excessive amount of salt/sodium intake in daily diet- Salt is just a poison for high blood pressure so try to reduce salt from your daily diet as much as possible.
  • Chronic kidney disease- Kidney disease can create improper blood flow.
  • Oral contraceptives and pain killers- Painkillers carries steroid which are very harmful for heart. Oral contraceptives causes imbalance in hormone release which stops body to circulate blood properly.
  • Sleep Apnea- Less sleep always create problem for human body organs to work properly.
  • Old age- Increase of age creates health problems and it becomes serious as days goes on
  • Genetically if high blood pressure is present in family

The arrival of High Blood pressure /Hypertension can be described in particularly two ways:

Essential hypertension is the condition where the reason for high blood pressure is basically because of unhealthy lifestyle and food habits.

Secondary Hypertension is the condition where the reason for high blood pressure arises due to some other health issues such as kidney issues and hormone issues. Pain killers and oral contraceptive pills also results in increase of high blood pressure.

Recognizing High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure does not give any proper symptoms so one need to have proper check up at regular intervals so that they can realize if there are any such issues.

Proper food habits, regular exercise, incorporation of potassium, vitamin D, fiber in daily diet will help you to have your blood pressure in control.

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