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How to reduce big belly

Belly fat can be the reason of severe health issues and hazards if not taken care of. you all are thinking How to reduce big belly. Belly fat sits around your organs and takes time to go. The beginning two to three weeks of the process of reduction belly fat is very important as there needs to change in diet and inclusion of physical exercise. Belly fat is also known as visceral fat as it goes deep beneath your skin. It is not only that fat people have big belly but even thinner people has fat round their belly.

How to reduce big belly

Belly fat can be harmful in many ways. It causes severe heart diseases, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, and even may cause breast and colon cancer. Belly fat increases obesity because of storage of unwanted fat at several parts of your body. Fats near your waist line is much dangerous than the fat at other parts of body.

To reduce belly fat one should concentrate on four basic matters – exercise, diet, stress management and rest/sleep.

Now we need to discuss the steps or measurements one need to take to reduce belly fat:

First let’s talk about the food.

Avoid sugar as much as possible. Sugary substance such as sweet, beverages and sweetened drink etc. allows your body to gain fat near the abdomen area. Try to have tea or coffee without sugar or add sugar free.

Avoid oily food. Try to cook food with less oil or you can pass on olive oil which is good for your health and contains monounsaturated oil.

Stay off from white flour and white rice. Go for anything that is brown. Brown rice, brown bread, wheat will help your as this contain high fiber and less fat. Try to add whole grain to your diet.

Add spices to your food. Spices such as garlic, ginger, cloves help to balance the insulin thus control the sugar level in your body.

Eat lots of fruits and green vegetables. Add as much as fruits and green vegetables you can for your diet. Salads really keep you full and fulfill all the necessary nutrients in your body. It also helps you to have glow in your skin.

Add proteins to your diet and low fat dairy products.

Have lemon water and raw garlic. Lemon water and raw garlic is very helpful if you can have it in the beginning of the day after you wake up in the morning. Vitamin C helps in burning fat so lemon works.

Drink plenty of water daily. Water helps to wash off toxins from your body and increases the metabolism rate.

Second regarding the exercise

Regular exercise for about 40 -45 minutes daily will help you to maintain better health and will also reduce extra fat. Cardio exercise, push up, pull ups, chest presses, bicep curls, sit ups for about ten times daily will help to tone your abs. Push up helps to develop the muscle in your abdomen and eliminates extra fat from your belly portion. In your morning exercises try for a good jogging or brisk walk.

Third is good sleep

Human body needs sleep for 6-7 hours daily at night. And the sleep should be deep and relaxed one. Break is required to gear up your body machine.

Fourth is stress relief

Over stress and anxiety increases the hormone production called cortisol which increases the fat around the belly. So it is better to try always to remain stress free. For relieving the stress one can try for Pranayama.

Follow the above mentioned steps to reduce belly fat. But remember one thing you need to have patience as belly fat doesn’t go way soon so one need to work hard on it. After first two weeks you can see visible changes but later on it becomes tough so one need to patient for longer period of time.

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