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Sugar and Diabetes

Sugar is basically classified as the sweet flavored substance. But sugar is related when the blood sugar level increases and it leads to Diabetes. When the level of glucose or sugar in blood increases it leads to diabetes. But there is a myth people have that “eating of too much sugar leads to diabetes”. But it’s just not true.

Sugar and Diabetes

Sugar and Diabetes

How sugar acts in blood

When the food reacts the body needs sugar to transform it into energy. The sugar or glucose is transformed into energy via blood stream.  The hormones known as insulin is released from pancreas and these hormones help cells to absorb glucose.

What is high blood sugar?

High blood sugar is the stage when cells do not properly absorb the glucose or sugar that means body does not have enough insulin to react to blood sugar.

What is Diabetes?

When the blood sugar level increases far from the normal range then it is described as Diabetes and it requires doctor’s intervention. Diabetes occurs in two stages either when cells stop reacting to the insulin or pancreas not producing enough insulin.

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Diabetes is mainly of three types:

Type 1- Condition when body stops producing insulin

Type 2- Condition when body cells stops reacting to insulin i.e. insulin does not work properly

Gestational Diabetes Condition when pregnant ladies suddenly unknowingly develop a high blood sugar level

Diabetes may cause several harmful diseases such as:

  • Damage kidney
  • Damage nerves
  • Damages eye blood vessels
  • Can lead to stroke or other heart diseases

About the myth which is not true

There is a myth quiet common that having sugar causes diabetes. It’s wrong. Sugar does not cause diabetes. Overweight can be a reason for type 2 diabetes and overweight can be caused by high calorie foods such as sugary candy, sweet dishes and others. Sugar does not affect directly. It is that one need to take care of food which they eat and the amount of calorie. It is that high calorie food needs to be curtailed from the diet and not raw sugar. If sugary food becomes the reason of your gaining weight then yes it must be avoided. That is why doctors advice to avoid sugary substance and suggests having a low sugar diet.

In order to avoid diabetes or get rid of diabetes one need to have control on the calories they consume each day, regular exercise and weight loss.

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