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Top 8 Reasons of Headaches

Headache is one of the most common issues in everybody’s life. Headache makes a person crazy at times. Headache may happen in any part of the head and also affects neck, shoulder and forehead and eye portion, while paining. Headache can be due to various reasons, starting from petty reasons to severe reasons. Treatment of headache depends on the symptom, cause and reason. There are more than two hundred types of headache, among which some are harmless and some are highly life threatening.

Top 8 Reasons of Headaches

Now let us check top eight reasons of headache:

Headache due to cold and flue
Headache can cause by sudden cold and flu. This happens mainly due to weak immune system. Even it can happen due to eating something cold such as ice cream, this type of headache is also known as cold stimulus headache.

Headache due to stress
Headache may also cause due to stress. Excessive stress at time is really serious for you. Stress develops cortisol which also helps in suffering stress, but ones over the cortisol level abruptly falls down, this leads to migraine.

Headache due to digestive issues
This is very common cause. Digestion problem leads to headache. After meal, take a round or two, stroll for few minutes, this will really help you to have good digestive system, otherwise digestion causes problem.

Headache due to alcohol
Alcohol intake and the hangover on the very next morning, is a common issue. Headache can be due to excessive alcohol intake, which causes boozing, dehydration and digestive issues.

Headache due to lack of sleep
Headache can also be caused due lack of sleep. Sleeping for less hours makes you brain nerves restless. So sleep for at least six hours at night and remember it should a sound sleep.

Headache due to smoking
Cigarette has nicotine which makes you blood vessels to get narrowed. Even the person staying at the side of the person who is smoking also absorbs nicotine through the smoke itself.

Headache due to several environment factors
Some people are allergenic to somethings. Now-a-days it has been common that people get headache due to bad pollution outside. People can also get headache due to strong perfume, pesticides, deodorants, plastic burning, smoke, toxins from plants and various other things present in environment.

Headache due excessive exercise
Headache can also cause due to excessive strain while doing exercise. Excessive hard work out in gym or putting strain while work out may trigger bad headache, remember exercise is just to relieve stress.

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Except there are also various reasons such as radio waves, ultra violet rays due to sun, food allergies, high medicine dosage, poor sleeping pasture. It also can be symptoms of any disease, so do not avoid if you have regular headaches.

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